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Monday, June 1, 2009

Just Another Perfect Day in Paradise

Wore my new shirt today. If you have not heard about it, K.E. picked it up for me the other day. All the clothes she seen on the line when she put this one on the clothes line for me are still there. But this shirt I wore today to go to the library.

When we were checking out of the library…that’s me getting books for my mom, cd’s for me, books for S3 and S4, getting S1’s books from his library card and getting a new card for S2 who lost his...I was doing my best to ‘shush’ them. We are supposed to be quiet in our library, as I am sure is true in yours, and we never are. Like ever. Everyone who works there seems to know my name. I know no one by their first name but one of them, only because she has a name tag usually. My husband is sure they all know S4 by his first name too.

We are standing at the counter when S4 declares, “Moma, I love you!” It’s as though he has decided to declare this for the first time and says it with all sorts of gusto.

“Yes, thank you, I love you too. SHHHHHHHHH!”

“Moma?” he bursts forth louder, “I think you are cute!”

Now, what do you say to that?

When I am headed back to the vehicle, I realize that S4 is very much barefoot (his shoes were left behind in the vehicle, we did have them with us) and S3 has on one blue croc and one black barn boot. Technically, when I said ‘grab your shoes’ I did not specify that they needed to match.

Yup, just another truly perfect day in paradise wearing a truly perfect shirt.


Jaime said...

LOL - I love the one croc and one boot!
The other day Mia wore one red croc and one pink and they were also on the wrong feet and I didn't notice until we were at my parents and they pointed it out - Kids crack me up
I wish I was a little more like them
Talk to you soon Jaime

ValAnn said...

That's great!! I took my youngest to the doctor today and realized (at the dr's office) that he had two different socks on, his underwear were inside out, and he managed to pick a pair of shorts with a nice big black mud stain (I swear it was from mud) on the butt... oh well. Like you I just said "get dressed"... and didn't do the double check to see it was all done correctly!

Denise Dykstra said...

HAHAHAHA! Glad I am not the only mom out there that this happens to! It just seems to happen more often than not......... :)