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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Not So Lucky Cat Lucky

It's never a good sign when your oldest says "Moma, do we have a ladder? Cuz I really need one..."

We have the cutest little kitten, Lucky. S2 found him on the road one day on our way home from summer school. He could not leave it there so we brought it home...S2 cannot help but love on animals. Not bringing this kitten home was not an option.

My husband did not agree. I didn't want another kitten either, we have one I love and one I dislike and adding another wasn't exactly on my list of things to do. S2 promised to find a home for this kitten.

But we all fell in love with the little kitten that purrs as soon as you look at him. However, last night he had to go outside. I think my husband thinks we will try harder to find a home for him if we have to hear him cry.
But for some reason or another, Lucky climbed the big walnut tree in our yard.
The boys were panicked. They were certain that she would certainly stay there until something killed her or some other equally awful fate. I told them to leave her alone and she would come down. This is what the boys decided to do.

I don't know about you, but Lucky didn't seem too terrified.

I told the boys to leave her alone, eventually they did, until S1 came to the door cuddling Lucky. "She came down on her own like I said, huh?"I asked him smugly.
"Nope. I had to knock her out of the tree."

Literally, he knocked her out of the tree! Ah, but she seems fine now, doesn't she? But for her own safety, and the safety of my boys, I hope she stays out of the tree!

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ValAnn said...

Isn't it neat how they take care of their pets? Robby - my youngest - worries about our dog. He doesn't think he should go outside alone, and he stands and calls him if he's out for more than a minute. He gives him pep talks when he "gets in trouble with mom" ... it's just so cute! I love the photos you captured...