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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Here they are, strawberries! Oh, they are so yummy! I thought maybe I was just being prejudice about them, but everyone who tries them suddenly has their eyes fly open and they look at me and shockingly say “these are really really good!” So, it’s not just me, these strawberries are that good.

I’m not sure how much there will actually be. Last year we only picked a few at a time, to get a handful at any time was a rarity. Last night, Hubby and the boys picked four quarts so we are much further along than last year.

Tonight I made our first strawberry shortcake. Ahhhhhh, summer has arrived!

I keep telling my hubby that this was a brilliant idea to plant strawberries. He tells me I won’t be thinking that when they are all ripe at the same time and I have to get my butt out there to pick them. But I can enjoy them now as the boys run them into the house for me.

The other night my hubby and I were walking his fields, looking over the great garden he has gotten started and he was giving me a lay out of the field and we were just enjoying the quiet of no kids for a few minutes. We don’t date, we stroll the garden.......

As we were strolling along, we were grabbing strawberries to munch on. We picked a few and ate them as we walked along and then we went back to pick some more.

And I have absolutely no idea at all why this thought popped into my head. Ever have moments like that? But years ago, at the church we were attending, our dear Pastor had gone to Israel to visit. He took I have no idea how many photos but he set them up in this really cool way and talked us thru the trip on a Wednesday night. He talked about how this was the land that was ‘flowing with milk and honey’ and then he showed us some desolate looking spot. THIS was what the promised land looked like? And then he explained how God supplied them with just what they needed, how the shepherds moved their sheep around to find the green grass and so forth and so on.

And as I was ‘grazing’ strawberries with my husband and suddenly realized I had had my fill of them (I have no idea how many we ate, my fingers were red, that’s all I know) I thought of that. My husband and I had gone out there and not thought there were many berries and here we were both full. And it just made me think how God really does supply just what we need (example: manna in the wilderness in Old Testament times. Example: getting an unexpected check just at the very moment you needed it for some minor (that feels major) emergency) in the moment we need it. He never leaves us lacking.

The message we heard on Sunday talked about thinking about what God has done for you. To think about, does God have the right to say He is God and give us a way to live? What’s His ‘track record?’, does it prove He is indeed trustworthy? Can God say to you “Do this because I told you to….and I love you so much I’ll explain it for you (the Bible).” The pastor encouraged us to look at what God has done in my life, my families life, and assured his congregation that we would be amazed.

If God cares so greatly for us, why don’t we obey Him? Trust Him?

Something I thought of as I was picking strawberries, one of those literally sweet gifts of God, on a garden date with my Hubby and just thought I would share with you all.

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Praise and Coffee said...

I still beg Mark to tell me stories about Israel and the things he learned!