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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chickie, Chickie, We 'Shore Do Love Our Chickie!

Many have you wondered how S3 is doing since the untimely death of Chickie's tragic swimming accident.

How's this for an answer?

After the tragidy of Chickie, we received 35 new chicks in the mail.

S3 decided all the white ones were his, because Chickie One was white. He has many to choose from and every day, at any time, he has one of the many. He is pretty sure he always has the same one, but some ride on his shoulder, some ride on his head, some he just carries around.

Buck Howdy sings a song "Chickens, Chickens, I Shore Do Love My Chickens!" S3, and the rest of us, sing this song all the time, just as 'Chickie, Chickie, We Shore Do Love Our Chickie".

There is no more mention of Chickie One. However, new Chickie is getting super special privaleges. Moma sometimes has to chickie sit if he has to get ready for a hockey game or go potty, Chickie eats breakfast with us most mornings, Chickie is a fan of PBS we found out...the only things Chickie is not allowed to do is eat dinner with us (what if we had chicken for dinner, that would be uncomfortable for all present!) or sleep with S3 - and he has asked if Chickie can sleep in his bed a lot of times.

But, as you can see, all is well here on the farm with S3!

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Denise Dykstra said...

In response to all the the best of my knowledge, we have had no chicken poop issues....And because I know the chicken has been on the table I wash the table and then I toss the towel in the washing pile and then I get the disinfectant wipes out and rewash the table. So far, no problems!