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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In Defense of my Husband........

When my husband arrived home last night from a long day at work, he asked me if I had gotten the house cleaned, laundry done and the weeds pulled. I had not.

“Everyone will think I’m a big meany after your last blog,” he said.

If anyone knows my husband, they know he is not mean. Funny. And a farmer through and through.

We had friends over for a campfire a few weeks ago. They had just returned from Florida at Disney world where it was exceptionally hot. My friend’s (K.E.) hair was long and super blonde and she was bronze tan. I am still growing out my hair, I am not super blonde, just regular blonde, and there was no way I was close to tan, I was still snuggled up in long jeans and a sweatshirt to stay warm. My husband said, “now that summer is here, you really should work on a tan.”

I batted my eyes as seductively as possible and said “if you buy me a bikini, I’ll go to the beach with you………..”

“I’ll buy you a bikini,” he said with a twinkle in his eye, “And you can weed the potatoes in it.”

See, he is funny and a farmer through and through.

But after the conference this past weekend, he was a true romantic. He showed up at the hotel in his freshly washed and cleaned out pick up as a complete surprise just to pick me up.

Why waste a free night?

He drove me around the city, showing me the jobs he has been working on that I had no idea where they were; just get a photo of now and then of them. We walked the streets. He took me to a movie, a chic flick movie no less, and we went to a steak house for dinner. My husband loves to talk, but he let me talk all night long.

In the morning, we slept in. Since my parents were still keeping the boys, sleeping in was bliss. Knowing I was about to fall asleep to awaken whenever I felt like it, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, there are no words!

When we woke up, my handsome hubby made me an omelet. Now how sweet is that?

I am sending this out as a thank you to my hubby….what do you need to thank your husband or wife for?


Jaime said...

So true about sleeping in - The funny thing is 7:30 is now sleeping in for me. My body will not sleep past 7:30 crazy! So sweet that your hubby picked you up and you were able to hang out for night without the kids. Whenever we get date night I am reminded why I married Shawn and how much fun he is. I am sure you guys had a great time. Talk to you soon Jaime

Kela said...

Denise! I am so glad to meet you. Thank you for your kindness and I didn't even have to pay you to say those nice things. JK
You're definitely a woman after my own heart...COFFEE!!! anytime, anywhere

I laughed out loud about the bikini clad potato picker! Classic :)

I savor those times of quietness. With six kids running around (and a husband that's just as noisy), peace in our home is a luxury. But I wouldn't ask for any different in such a wonderful family.
Hope we can continue to see each other around :)
Take care my new friend.