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Saturday, January 16, 2010's What's for Dinner

Husband and I were laying in bed last night listening to the TV program that S1 was up watching. All the boys had fallen asleep already but being a Friday night we had let S1 stay awake. He was flipping between watching the Red Wings and a hunting show. They were calling in elk on the hunting show and I had groaned in protest.

“I can sleep to nature sounds, but not when they are calling in elk. Ug!” I muttered.

“At least you know that is an elk call,” husband answered brightly.

Which got me to giggling because when I am really tired I giggle easily. So maybe this post will only be hilarious to me......but I will continue on anyhow.

We began then repeating snippets of conversations throughout the night that had cracked us up. At the dinner table S2 declared “Daddy, we took four testes today.”

“Testes?” Hubby asked sarcastically, to get S2 to realize his mispronunciation. “Were any of those tests on English?”

S1 nearly spit the food he was chewing out of his mouth he found that so funny.

“No.....” S2 answered hesitantly, not catching the joke, “Wait...we were talking in English so I guess the testes were in English.”

Moving on.......

Husband was playing S1 in the awful wonderful addicting table hockey game (again) and for whatever reason (we never do know why he does these things) S4 was running through the house at top speed yelling out “cab fare! Cab fare!”

No, I don't know why.

Once were had all agreed that is what he was yelling out, Husband asked the neighbor boy, IM, if he had ever ridden in cab.

“Um, no, I don't think so. Well, wait, maybe, but I don't know but I think so,” was his definite reply.

“Really?” S1 asked incredulously, “You have NEVER ridden in cab?” To his credit, he never looked up from attempting to beat his Daddy at the game so he didn't see husband and I waiting to see what he would follow this up with. “I've ridden in a cab tons of time!”

“You have?” IM asked, shocked. “Where?”

“A truck!!! You have NEVER ridden in a cab of a truck???”

Yes, S1 thought who got to sit in the cab with Daddy was 'fair' and didn't realize there was any other 'cab'.

Moving on again......

Making dinner, S4 asked me what was for dinner. I get asked this about 30 times a day, 20 times from four to six or whenever dinner is on the table (and even then I get asked what is on the table for dinner as they are sitting there staring at it). I get really tired of repeating myself so when S4 asked I just said “All kinds of food.” And we were. Roast, potatoes, squash, green beans, rolls.....

He looked only momentarily confused. Then he asked brightly, “Can we have hot dogs with that elkins?”

“With what?” I asked.

“Elkins, what we eat for dinner. Can we have hot dogs with that elkins?” in "all kinds". Crack me up, took me a bit to catch it but he thought when I said "all kinds of food" I had said "elkins".

Bless him for not telling me that 'elkins' must have sounded gross to him.

Just a FEW of the snippets of conversations we have had around the house........

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ValAnn said...

The conversations were funny to me, too! You are not alone!! The things they say are some of the best memories I have of my kiddos...