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Thursday, January 21, 2010

They Thought They Pulled a Fast One on Me

Wednesday night we were headed to church when I realized I had no gas. As in none. I have found that the older I get, the more I am like my Father in this respect. He can run out of gas anywhere. I try to keep it always above half a tank otherwise I just plain old fashioned forget to get more. But it has been cold and I don't like to get out in the cold.

I know, I am a wimp.

Anyhow, we had enough to get to the super expensive gas station near our house. It is super expensive because it is the ONLY one. They make you pay for forgetting to get gas in town.
Oh, I have to back up here. My dear friend, AD, made a CD for us with 21 classic rock songs. We have just refound it. I wasn't going to play the it anymore because we had pretty much worn it out but...well, I needed a break from Buck Howdy. I know, I know! No one can top Buck Howdy, but really, I needed a rest.

The boys love this CD the most because it has “we will rock you” and “Fred Bear”. These are boy songs and they cannot get enough of them!

I had to run in to pay for the gas (getting the least amount as possible to last me until I get to town on Friday), and S1, sitting in the front seat, asked if I could keep the radio on. So, I turned the battery over to let the radio play on. I mean, I can be a cool mom.

When I began to pump the twenty dollars worth of gas into the suburban, I heard with crystal clarity the beginning notes of “We will rock you”. It only got louder. I am not sure how loud it will go before breaking a speaker, but I am sure they were close. To add this, they all began to clap and stomp their feet (or wave their feet, depending on their height).

The whole suburban was literally rocking back and forth.

An older middle aged man, dressed in a suit, with a fancy spancy new car, pulled in beside me. He used his debit card to begin pumping gas. He looked warily at me. I smiled friendily. He turned his back coldly. He sat in his fancy vehicle, I am sure he was thinking I was a terrible mother...or terrible something. He didn't know if there were children in there now that I think of it.

Because 'we will rock you' is a relatively quick song and I was getting very little gas, we ended at the same time. I put the pump back and went to get back in to drive away. The radio was turned way down as I had had it, perhaps even lower, with the ending guitar notes.

“Hey, Moma,” S1 greeted me.

“Hey...” I said hesitantly. Oh, why even bring it up? They think they pulled a fast on their moma, and I guess there is no harm in letting this one slide.

PS Just in case you didn't get what “elkins” are, I redid and explained in the end of the last post.


ValAnn said...

Just be thankful your boys like good classic rock... My preteen daughter wants to blast all this poppy stuff that I have no idea who sings! I've gotten to like Miley Cyrus crazy as it is.....

Irritable Mother said...

That is too funny!
Have you ever seen the commercial for the car that supposedly keeps all outside noise - outside? Maybe they thought that's how it always works.
Yeah. Probably OK to let it slide this time. You cool Mom, you!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

That's so cute - They totally thought they got away with it.

Now you need to bring it up when they east expect it :)