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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jr is on the Move

For those of you who follow the blog regularly, you realize that there are two days a week I watch my little nephew, Jr. He is eight months old now and has recently learned to crawl. Fast.
I used to think our home was kid safe. I mean, it's always filled with kids, right? I have long ago gotten rid of any pretty thing I had out. Either it was broken for me or it is tucked away to be rediscovered later in life. I have a beautiful tea set from the Netherlands, the true old country of my family, and it's on the highest shelf in the house and even there I worry over it.

I have vacuumed, I have swept, I have scrubbed....and still that little stinker finds things. He finds dirt in the cracks of the wood floor. The boys have caught themselves some tadpoles (I know, weird winter, we have tadpoles and what will I do when they turn into frogs? Well....S3 says our house is the best house for frogs. I don't know if that's a compliment or not.) and Jr found one that was dead....gross. I caught him finding it immediately. But still, the thought. The fact that I had just cleaned there....

So I keep cleaning. And it's not like he can get into the sink or the fridge or anything like that but I have even scrubbed those spots too.

I have to admit, it is really nice having a clean house. Exhausting, but so nice.

All this cleaning and scrubbing and …. well, my house hasn't been this clean in, well, years.

And do you think any one has stopped over? No. Not one single person. No one.
So this is what will happen. I will be burning something on the stove, the smoke alarms will be going off, the dog will be barking shrilly, I will be makeup less dressed in some get up I pray no one will ever see me in, screaming at the kids who are screaming the house stinks while the phone is ringing and the laundry will be piled so high I can't see out the window to see that someone has stopped over. You know, normal life. That is always when someone stops over.

And my brother is reading this rethinking having Jr stay with me so much......

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