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Thursday, January 14, 2010

S4 turns 4

Last year, S4's birthday was rough on him. He wasn't sure where his birthday had gone and why I took his birthday banner down after his birthday and it was just rough.

We have had high hopes for this birthday.

There have been very many discussions on his this birthday. Turning four seems to have been a major deal for him. He was pretty sure he had to be married when he turned four (and just who did he think he would marry, I wonder?) and Husband, being ever so sweet, told him that he in fact did need to be married and moved out.

I did not appreciate that.

But we had the count down for his birthday and he was very happy to have his birthday arrive. He kissed us good night as a three year old and told us he couldn't wait to be four. So it was rather shocking when he awoke in the morning and burst into tears.

He didn't want to be four. He wanted to stay three.

He was easily appeased by the Cookie Crisp cereal my Mom had gotten for him the day before.

His Moma? Not so easily. I have struggled with this birthday because three is by far my most favorite age for our boys. I have loved every one of them at this age and with S4, I finally had the time to savor it. No one was pushing him for my attention. He had looked at me wearing my sunglasses the day before and grinned wildly with his contagious laugh and said “look at me, I a cool rock star!” Yes, mister, in your flower etched buggy eyed brown sunglasses of your moma's you are a cool rock me, your biggest fan.

Four means preschool and not in 'nursery Sunday school' and 'growing up'. He's the last one....I wanted it to last longer. I had cried at various times leading up to this day, this birthday of his.

But he was soon happy and by the time night had come and his party was on it's way with his Lightening McQueen and Mater cake and he spent a good long time playing with his new Mack truck and Lightening McQueen and new stunt Mater or making a masterpiece he was painting, the time he has spent crying was forgotten.

Just like I have a few more months with him home with me all the time. So I won't think about that dreadful near future school day and just enjoy the last few months I have before I am an “empty nester” for a few hours with all my boys off to school.

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Irritable Mother said...

Yes. Enjoy today - today.
And don't worry about tomorrow - it will worry about itself!

Happy birthday, S4!