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Friday, January 22, 2010

S1's Ten Wishes

Early this morning, I was chatting with Hubby as he ate his breakfast and I was still sipping coffee (but I mixed it with cocoa this morning so it was super sweet and yummy). I happened to look down and see S1's Homework page he was working on last night. He had misspelled 'wish' it seemed so he had to use it ten times. Here is what he wrote.......

1. I wish I could fly so I could fly to Montana.
2. I wish I could have a Dodge, so I could drive away.
3. I wish it were hunting season every day, so I could hunt all I want.
4. I wish I had a 30-06 so I could hunt deer easier than a 20 gauge.
5. I wish I had a 22 so I could shoot squirrels a long way away.
6. I wish I had a Wii so I could have a Cabela's 2010 hunting game.
7. I wish I had a dog of my own so I could train it.
8. I wish I had ten more wishes so I could wish for more.
9. I wish I had a monster truck so I could crash cars.
10. I wish I owned just about everything in Cebala's so I could hunt more prepared.

So if you wondered what our ten year old think abouts all day long...this is it!


Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh how I love him! After leaving your house, Caleb wishes he could live on a farm, wishes he could live at your house (with us too), wishes he could have a padpole, wishes he had a rooster, and so much more...

Irritable Mother said...

Oh, my! Both of my boys would LOVE to hang out with S1 - especially if his wishes came true.
What fun to find that list on the table. I *wish* I could see what my sons would write. Pretty sure it would be very similar to yours.

The Farmer's Wife said...

I wish....
S1 could fly to Montana, too! And we have big gun wishes and Cabela dreams at our house as well.

I wish....
I was snowed in with Dykstras. (Even Jake, although he'd have to fetch up his own cocoa...)

Love that list. Give him and the other S's a hug from the Montanans. (We haven't allowed the bows and arrows in the house for the blizzard. My nerves can't take it...)

ValAnn said...

Too cute! That sounds like the typical boy list to me. That was all my youngest had on his list for Christmas/Bday this year. BB guns, airsoft guns, and maybe a football.