Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Chicken in the School Hall

What I am about to tell you is completely true...and it happened this morning and I can tell I am going to be repeating myself all weekend about it so I might as well tell ya'll about it.

There was a chicken in our school hallway this morning.

Please keep in boys know chickens. Yesterday we just finally picked out all our chicks to be delivered to our house later this year. We know our chickens. We have pet chickens. We sing about chickens around here!

And today, we seen one in our school hallway.

It was our oldest son's teacher dressed as a chicken.

I have no idea why she was dressed that way at all. I would have never known it was her if I hadn't seen her walk out the classroom and son 1 and his buddy said "oh, that's just our teacher."

But sons 3 and 4, they didn't know what to think. 4's eyes were as big as saucers and he was NOT moving from my side. 3 has to touch things, people...everything. He sees the big chicken and he has to touch the feathers, the wings, look at the feet. The big chicken then made a HUGE mistake...

...she bent down to say hello to 3.

Well, he had her then. I mean, this is your one chance to catch the biggest chicken he has ever seen and he is not letting this chance pass him by.

He grabbed a hold of that plastic beak and spread it as far as he could, yanked and pulled it to try to see if it would get off.

I would have been a little faster pulling my son off the chicken, but I was in shock. And when I snapped to, 4 was clinging to me. I think he was sure 3 was a total goner!

Well, 3 let her go, chuckling because he realized it was really a person, and giant chicken continued down the hallway. I seen a little girl, about two, dunk behind her brother and then look back up to him as if to say "did I just see what I just saw?"

I turned to my oldest son and said "Better not be squawkin' all day". He looked at me, shock registering on his face that his mother had just made a joke. AND that it was kinda funny.

And that, everyone, was my drop off story for today.

You just never know when you are going to see a chicken in the hallway at school!

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ValAnn said...

That was too funny! Thanks for the laugh and have a great weekend!