Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Funny Random Stories

The boys have come up with some funny stuff lately and so I just had to share a few….

I had gone to one of the “big” stores, the ones where you buy in bulk, and got some salsa. It was a big jar of salsa. At dinner, our oldest says “Whoa! That’s a lot of salsa! I’d like to see what the large looks like if this is the medium!”

Our second son is Red Wings fanatic. The game is on tonight. He runs thru the house to give me a play by play every few seconds – even though to do so he is missing the game and yelling over the TV volume I think the neighbors can hear.

Our third son ends everything with “yah, baby”. It’s annoying. He doesn’t say so many funny things as he does them. He climbed something the other day and was all like “Moma, you have to come see this cool thing!” I figured it might be in my best interest to check it out. I walked out the door to him running “smoking fast” and saying “yah, baby!” He climbed a gate that was just leaning against our chicken coop, up the chicken coop fence to the fence we have as a roof of the chicken yard so that wild animals can’t get in. I took a photo and then told him to NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!

I could write a novel just on the funny things our youngest says and does. I would dedicate a day to him…well, maybe, I just should do that. Anyhow…our youngest has a blanket that is really my old robe. He loves this thing and drags it EVERYWHERE. And it’s huge. He also has a huge fear of coyotes. He talks about them constantly. He whistles high pitched screeches when outside to ‘call them in’. He is big and tough all day talking about shooting coyotes. Keep in mind, he has never ever seen one. They are (currently) not an issue with us yet, we have heard them before, however. Anyhow, he now wakes up in the middle of the night with a sharp quick scream, pounds down the steps dragging the robe and nearly flies into our bed where he throws the blanket over his head. And this is a boy who hates to be covered up at night. In the morning it is always the same story…coyotes were crawling up the steps to get his blanket. Two mornings ago he woke with a scratch on his ankle, evidence, he is sure, that the coyotes were very close to getting it. He keeps a sharp look out now at all times, as if he hadn’t before.

Well, gotta sign off. The older two boys are playing hockey and I am in center ice about to be hit by the dogs squeaky toy that the boys are using for a puck. Our third is in bed wailing, he always does before school…he is so excited to go to school he can’t sleep and the more he can’t sleep the more he wails in fear that no sleep means no school. It takes him a good hour to fall asleep. And our youngest, I kid you not, is sitting in a chair by the window keeping an eye out for the coyotes. But at least he is just singing “April in the “D” “ this time and not trying to call the coyotes in.

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