Monday, April 20, 2009

The Day I Could Have Been Arrested

My computer has been broken for quite some time…well, almost a week and it
seemed like forever! While away from my computer (while the amazing R.R.
fixed the unfixable), I thought of a trillion things to write on (or so it
seemed at the time) and this one is from the first day without my
computer. Enjoy!

The Day I Could Have Been Arrested

The day was anything but typical. I was feeling lost and so very disconnected. My computer was no more, attacked by some vicious awful virus that seemed to be the death of it. No one had high hopes for it, at all.

With it loaded in the back of my vehicle, I headed off to our friends who offered to look at it – and give me prices on new ones. I had dropped the older of the two boys off at school and was driving along on a road I could drive in my sleep, deep in thought.

Now, usually I pay very close attention to my driving surroundings. I carry precious cargo! And, for whatever reason, deer seem attracted to any vehicle I drive or have owned – one totaled the ultra cool car I once owned. But, I wasn’t today and suddenly I looked up to see a police car, a county cop to be exact, RIGHT on my bumper. I don’t know where he came from or how long he was there but I did what anyone else would do.

I hit my brakes.

I didn’t jerk to a stop, I just came to a slower speed and looked down at my speedometer to see I wasn’t speeding. I don’t know, I might have been before, but I was instantly panicked. Doing nothing wrong, I see a cop and panic.

I was coming up to my cousins house. My cousin whose home I have never been into before, never told her I was stopping in, and even though it was 8:15 in the morning I figured, hey, no time like the present to say hello! And, she DID have some bug spray for me and she WAS going to meet up with me that week sometime… she was very gracious to me as I walked in on her busy household. I have four boys, she has three girls and mornings, I imagine, are the same level of craziness either place!

I left quickly, feeling bad for dropping in, continued a bit to the stop sign and…


I was SURE he had been waiting for me so I turned like I was supposed to and he whipped right behind me. I drove along, five miles BELOW the speed limit, which I must admit would be aggravating and I did feel a little bad for him, imagining my husband stuck behind someone who is driving slow (he has no patience for slow drivers, I’m not sure why he married me, maybe to balance him out….but I regress!) I was looking for a place to pull over, certain I must have been speeding unknowingly or my vehicle was a match for a crime vehicle or anything else I could imagine so I pulled over on a side road, a back road, no cop would ever think to take.

He didn’t follow me.

I finally exhaled, laughed at myself and my crazy imagination and continued – slowly, to let the cop get way ahead of me – down the back roads I know well.

I would like to take this moment to remind you that this is a very true story. That just happened last Tuesday, in fact.

As I turned onto the main road again to continue to our friends house where my computer was to be fixed (which is why I was on the road at all!), THERE WAS THE COP!

I now knew I was for sure going to be arrested now just on suspicion. Come on, THREE times in a five mile radius (if that even) and I had dunked away every time?

But, he had someone pulled over. I have never been so happy to see someone else pulled over EVER. (and if it is you, I do feel badly for you!)

I arrived at my friends, told them the story, we had a good chuckle, said my final good byes to my computer, and went on to town to the library, a place I visit regularly. As I drove into town, five miles BELOW the speed limit, there was the SAME cop AGAIN!

People, I can not lie about such a thing.

I laughed right out loud. He was going the opposite direction and I did my business quickly at the library, drove like a snail all the way home (constantly watching over my shoulder, of course), never to leave my driveway for that day again.

My husband thinks I am a nutcase driver now. But hey, at least I didn’t get arrested for driving too nutcase like!

And that is the first story I have from my week off and as soon as I get my laundry taken care of – wait, that’s never done – I’ll write more!


Praise and Coffee said...

Oh Denise, that is so funny! I would have done the same thing!

Kim said...

Always love your stories! I got pulled over last summer for speeding while following my husband! I got the ticket and he got off the hook! I didn't let him live that down for a long time! :)

Unknown said...

I got a bit of a chuckle out of this story. Thanks for making me smile this morning! I found you blog this morning, but I can't remember how...possibly through Praise and Coffee?? Not sure though. The title of your blog caught my eye, I too am a mom of 4 boys (ages 11, 8, 4, & 4)...I live in OH.