Monday, April 13, 2009

Updates from Earlier Blogs

I am sure you are all concerned about my pink fingernail polish. It looked great for Easter. It went great with my favorite blue dress.

We got our family photos back. My husband says he can see stress in his very forced smile. I am not red and blotchy, thank goodness, but not a lot of joy shining from those eyes of mine. However, they turned out MUCH better than we thought they would. We didn't get enough photos of the boys but I guess that just means more photos to be taken at the photographers. HAHAHA!
This was probably one of my most favorite Easter's in quite some time. I love Easter. Love the reason, the time of the year, that my extended family is here for it. I got this email on Easter from a friend of mine and her Easter service and it struck me deeply I just wanted to share it with you.....
Our Easter service was incredibly sad. The pastor who has been preaching at our church got cancer and is receiving chemo. He's got to be in his mid 80's. This morning he was determined to preach. He started out great. Strong clear voice, standing up, maybe a little thin with less hair, but still lookin good. Half way thru his sermon (which was a great one) he sat on a stool that had been there for him. Suddenly his voice got softer, his words began to slur. Finally he was unable to speak and was a deathly shade of gray. The congregation was silent, women were quietly crying and everyone looked concerned. A few men went up to the front and got him into a wheelchair and took him out the back. We sang the last two songs, someone prayed and it was over.

While scary and sad, what a beautiful thing to know that this man wants to serve God until the day he dies. Even if he is ill or weak. He has the assurance that God will take him home, especially on this day.
Beautiful...just wanted to share..........


Praise and Coffee said...

That is so beautiful!!!
Can we come see the chicks??

Praise and Coffee said...

Oh and I love the picture...great tie Jake!