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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fame on the Day After Our TV Special

I am writing a blog to you all and I want you to know just what a sacrifice that is.

Because if I wasn't doing this I would be folding clothes and cleaning.

And the folding clothes is really an issue because no one even is looking in their dresser anymore.  And the cleaning is important because it is scary to see what might fall on you as you open our fridge.

But my loving dear husband has only said, "You've done a really good job making good meals this week," so I know he is willing to overlook the mess - a little - as long as I keep everyone well fed.

But the mess is making me crazy so as soon as I finish this post, it's off to work I go.

Making a good dinner.   THIS, in fact. It's my family's favorite and on this blustery cold sorta snowy day it should fill their tummy's with warmth and let them know I love them all. Because I do. And because the way to show love with them is good food. It just is.

Yesterday the boys went to school after their big tv special.  I told you how S4 had to change his pants SIX times before we left for school, and the pair he wore were literally his play ripped up no knees pull on camo pants.  You just have to go with it sometimes.

I was all excited to see how their day had gone.  Here are the reports....

S1 was asked for his autograph.  All. Day. Long.  He was totally mortified and also thought it was totally cool and extremely silly at the same time.  They watched the news special in his class and the were impressed I have a mac book pro - well, that was thanks to Fox 17 giving me one and the only way I could have ever gotten one.  Truly.  And further evidence why I love Fox 17 so.  When he got home from school, S1 went to do his homework, giving the deer hunting a break for the evening.

S2 was a star all day and beamed with pride from it.  At the end of the school day we had to turn in his football gear and he got his football trophy and football pictures.  He was told not to smile for the picture and so it is the ultimate in seriousness.
 Once he got his trophy he beamed, and for the rest of the day light he played football or was begging his homework laden brother to play football with him.
All night he looked at his picture and his trophy.  Happy or proud is still not a good enough description of him.

S3 said people told him all day that they had seen him on tv.  He just grinned.  At home he just wanted to bug his brothers.

S4 came home and was shortly thereafter sent to bed because he couldn't stop crying.  He slept for nearly three hours.

Then we all ate meatballs and mashed potatoes and the boys all went to bed at seven thirty because they were all that tired and Daddy and Moma snuggled on the couch with a movie.

I spent the day with Sue talking about and laying out ideas for our Winter edition of Praise and Coffee the Magazine.  We drank our fair share of coffee and hardly stopped talking all day.  It was a great day.

People often ask us - with Morning Mom and with this too - what we "get" out of the deal.  They think we must be famous.

We get great friends.  The boys get to think they are the amazingly special boys they are even if they were never on tv.  We get people we run into every single day telling us the special was cool. 

We do it because we are happy to do this. It's a lot of fun, I'm not gonna lie.  We have so much fun with Fox 17 and we have so much fun as a family.  It was a great weekend for us - THAT was what we got out of it - cuddles in the morning, silly moments we are still giggling about, a pile of wood next to the outdoor wood stove and a pantry with a ton of canned pears from that weekend.  I have more people saying they are thinking of taking the digital detox challenge, and that is a win for everyone.

I am sooooooo very thankful that Sarah asked us to take the challenge on. I'm thankful we had enough adventures in a weekend for her to put a story together.  I'm thankful for a news station that is willing to take an entire month to focus just on relationships.

And with that I will end.  Because I have a house to clean - as I said before - and cookies to make for an afternoon snack for the boys.  Speaking of cookies, I made these last week.  They were huge. I had to HIDE them to make them last TWO days.  These boys, they can EAT.

Also, it's National Home Made Bread day. And I have to celebrate that.

That's a good thing though.
If you would like to see our digital detox story
click HERE. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Karen said...

What? It's National Homemade Bread Day? Now I know what I'm doing this afternoon.

It's great that your boys got some attention after appearing on TV. I think it's awesome that S1 got asked for his autograph. Actually, I want one too! From all of you!

Hmm. How can we arrange that?

Anyway, your family is so special & I really enjoyed watching the digital detox segment!