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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Saturday, the Second Day of Digital Detox

Saturday dawned too early.

Way too early.

Because we went to bed early, the boys got up early.

And since they couldn't watch tv, they all - yes, all four - crawled into bed with us.

That cuddle time Hubs and I were looking forward to?  Gone.

Even when he tried to shoo them from the room with "Why don't you go do something - like homework?"

 You know they were all jumping over that idea.

Knowing I would have a flipcam on me during the day at some point, I decided I'd better do the whole makeup thing.  And since I had FOUR BUSHEL of pears to can, I figured I had better do the hair up today too.

Before I could do any of that though, Hubs thought it would be fun to flip cam me right away.

He's so sweet like that.

For breakfast, we all sat around and looked at the newspaper.  We were ecstatic with it's arrival.

That has never happened before.

We searched weather and news and sports...and comics, of course.

We are news geeks, we have concluded, as well as comic nerds.

We totally rock.

 When we found my husband's missing wood cutting helmet in my crock pot - no joke - I knew I would need much much coffee on this day.
 I also found out that with no distractions, little things irritate you more.  That said, you deal with them right away...and then it's over and life is sunny happy again.  It's an amazing thing.

Hubs and the boys loaded up and headed out to cut wood while I started on the first load of pears.
 I wrote this "The boys are all cutting wood with Jake.  The silence is deafening.  I can hear every click of the stove top, the fan running on low in the other room, the dogs steady snore, the chirps of the birds outside, the scratch of the chickens, the passing gof the vehicles by the house. The silence is deafening and the click click of the clock seems mocking."

I guess I don't do alone well.  I grew up in a loud house.  I have had a hard time adjusting to the boys all being in school.  If I'm home, the Pandora is on or the tv.  The empty house bothered me.  A lot.

I heard the squeak of the mail lady's breaks and here she drove up the driveway, delivering a gift from Rebecca in Texas.  I nearly cried.  Her gift could NOT have been any better timing.

Silence does weird things to you.

I started writing down the texts I would send my mom if I "I miss you" and "I need cinnamon" and "did you buy bulk allspice".  I think in spices, I guess.

When hubs arrived with a load of wood, he had to snap a few pictures, thinking me adorable.
He's sweet like that.

When the one canner load of pears was done (finally), I had baked a cake and loaded up all the baked goods I could find in the house and drove over to meet the boys cutting wood with my neighbors.

It was odd to try to try to connect minus us being able to friend request on facebook or show off the blog.  It was awkward odd.  When she asked for the apple pie recipe, I had to write it down by hand and hand deliver it to her.

That said, Michele and Rod kicked butt helping us load wood - SEVEN truck loads of wood we hauled home and added to our pile.  SEVEN.

And we had a great time getting to know them more.

Sometimes, maybe a hand written note is better than any facebook message.

Our Story Airs on Fox 17's news at 10pm on Tuesday,  November 15th.

You can view the story HERE

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Ronel said...

I find myself commenting on your post in a quiet house.... I do hear all the noises yet I find it oddly peaceful. With this said I am thankful I have my laptop :) LOL