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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Saturday, the Second Half of Digital Detox

When we arrived home from cutting wood, Husband exhaustedly said "Let's just see what's on tv"...and then realized what he had just said as he went to turn the tv on.

While we waited for Jake to grill his famous cheeseburgers, S4 killed time for us doing animal charades.  He was absolutely hilarious.  Do you know how many different birds the boy knows?  Do you know how many guesses we had to come up with think of all the bird names?

And the best part was that S4 started the animal charades from telling us he loves pimple dogs.


It took us awhile to figure out he meant PIT bulls.  

That would have been a great tweet/facebook post.

After a scrumptious dinner, we headed out to make cider.

The neighbors on the other side of us raise apples.  And if you come over and help them press cider, you get to bring some home.  This works great for us.

The boys immediately run for the hay bales, where they run and jump and have all sorts of fun.
Meanwhile, Husband gets to work making cider with the crew in the back of the tiny cider room.
The apples are dropped into a grinder and literally ground all up.  The apples are then dropped into the tin bucket.
Then it's sent into buckets....
Where it is dumped onto the press's heavy duty cheese cloth type material, where it pressed until it makes juice that we all love.
Here it is beginning to be pressed.
Jake told me to tell you it's like a snow plow motor, just keeps pushing up.  He figures the guys will understand this.  All I can tell you is it OUD and the shorter the tower becomes, the more juice you get until there is no more.
The room is so tight, it's hard to get any great pictures of anything that is going on.  The guy in the yellow rain pants heads up the operation.  It was his brother in law who started this was his brother in law who died suddenly this year.
So this year with all the kids around making cider with neighbors was bittersweet.
The old man in the John Deere hat...I have no idea who he is but he is ALWAYS there.  And he has the strongest accent (Dutch maybe) and we just love to hear him talk.  I have never seen him not smile.
Here is the beautiful wonderful cider coming out of the press!
It's then run through something or another to this barrel, where only the man in the yellow pants is allowed to touch the cider or pour the cider.  Everyone brings their own jugs to get filled up.
Everyone loves cider time in our little farming neighborhood.

But you recall all we did earlier today, correct?  The seven loads of wood?
Yah, all that work and the cider had caught up with us.  It was all we could do to stay awake for showers and baths so we could get to our beds and pass out from exhaustion.
It was only 9:30 at night when we were all tucked into bed.

And that cuddle time hubs had promised me the day before?

Never happened.

There's always tomorrow.....

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Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I LOVE cider. I grew up in a neighborhood full of apple trees, so cider always reminds me of NY :)