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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sunday, the Last Full Day of Digital Detox

I woke up to my phone's alarm Sunday.

I had every day of the weekend.  I had forgotten to unset it.

As soon as it went off I quickly shut it off, shut the phone off...

And before it went totally off I heard the chirps and dings of unanswered messages.


I miss my friends.

Usually when I wake up in the morning I lay in bed for the first couple minutes waking up and checking updated statuses, what new messages I have and so forth.  The not knowing what is going on in my friends lives bothers me.  Not because I am nosy, because I honestly care.

Again, no cuddle time.  Boys are already filling up our bed.

And S1 was headed out to hunt before church.

 I started the coffee and tea and cocoa I make in the morning, I started the oatmeal and the normal getting around stuff while Hubby sent S2 out for the paper.

We needed our news fix.

As we started dissecting the paper, S4 caught sight of the toy catalog from Toy R Us.
 He was quickly surrounded by brothers.  A morning that we would normally never run on down to grab the Grand Rapids Press cuz we were too busy watching tv made for one of my most favorite pictures of the weekend.
 We hurried around to get ready for church....and here is one of the things that rather surprised me...we still had a hard time making it out of the house on time for Sunday school.

Even though....brace yourself....Jake MADE DINNER.

He did!  I had the roast all ready for the crock pot but he added it, he added the potatoes he peeled, he put the squash in the oven.

He was amazing....

And he let me know it.  When he was at church I was bragging on him, he followed it with "It was a piece of cake, I don't know why all these women complain about how hard it is to cook."

And yet I love him....

Being in church was odd.  We were hearing snippets of stories (snow? war? fire?) and didn't know any of it.  For someone who follows the news so much, it was odd to be on the outside of it all.

I felt like our family was living in it's own little bubble.

I also missed my friends in a bad way.  When S3 couldn't figure out my black nylons - whispering to me if they were socks - I thought it would be a great tweet.  My girls would appreciate this moment.

Boys don't get girls.  At all.

But boys get boys, no matter the age.  One of my friends dad's took pity on sports crazed S2 and offered to tape the Lions game for him.  It made S2's day, who had been totally devastated over missing it.

When we got home, Jake had S1 take a picture of us.

 I guess I forgave him for the mean "women complain about cooking" comment.

As we were getting the table ready for dinner, Morg stopped in.  I hugged her in complete joy.  A girl! My friend!  I had to find out if she was an aunt yet? How was her weekend?  What was she up to?

I missed being connected to her life.

After dinner we all took a nap.  Hello? Still exhausted from the wood and pears and all that.

Here are some of the notes I wrote from Sunday....

"Our phone hasn't rang since my mom called Friday." (Think about it, who has your home number anymore, it's all cell phone connecting now....)

"Without the computer on my desk, my desk is really cluttered looking.  Like, super bad.  I need a decorate-ista to come help me."

"Had to use a phone book.  ALL my contacts are on my phone or computer."

S4 said "There is pretty much nothing to do if you don't watch tv. But if you play there is really all sots of things to do."

"S4 has itsy bitsy spider stuck in his head. No one can think past it to give him another song. Argh!"

"The boys have found Jake and my secret stash of peanut butter cup pumpkins.  This won't end well."

"I like life to have a soundtrack."

"Tried nutella.  The boys and I were surprised we liked it.  Jake shudders and wouldn't even think of trying it."

"S4 just said to me from the toile he's perched upon. "I'm not blowing out poop, Moma, I'm blowing out little color things and you should probably come see this." Then, a little while later, "Is #3 diarrhea?"  That then led to the discussion that even if he didn't know he was going to be sick, God did so that's okay."

"Just had to yell "Hey, you are NOT kick-boxers!"  The boys find this hilarious. I am serious."

"Our house is suffering - it came unhinged.  Literally.  The cupboard door literally just fell off the cupboard.  Greeeeaaaaaaat."

My friend Korene called to see if we were still alive....and then I just gave up and called my mom.

I had to get a news fix.  "Just tell me the most important news...."

I'd missed word of a huge snowstorm.  What??? Yes. It had hit my friend, Karen, I'd find out later.

There had been a fire where my Dad works and they lost three barns.  I think I should have been called immediately with that news story.

A friend had had her baby girl and she was beautiful.

I felt so disconnected.

Our Story Airs on Fox 17's 10 pm News on Tuesday November 15th.

You can view the story linked HERE.


Karen said...

This series has been so interesting Denise! I wonder how my family would fare with a digital detox. I'm sure it would be hard!

Nov. 17 is so long to wait for the segment to air on the news! Will there be a link by which us out of towners can watch the segment? I'm really anxious to see it.

Aw. And you even mentioned me in your post. You made me feel special!

Welcome back to the digital world Denise! We're glad to have you back!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Next time (if there is one(, you need to write a post on paper, send it to me, and I'll post it for you. I can't believe you lived through the weekend. I wouldn't have been able to!