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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Snowed In

We aren't.
Snowed in.

My husband would want you all to know that technically, I am NEVER snowed in without supplies  because a fully stocked store is just down the road.  But let me tell you...if the weather man says it's bad out and don't go on the roads...I am snowed in.  I can go days without leaving the driveway.  My husband, who is hardly ever home for a full day, shakes his head in wonder at me.  I know how to be snowed in.

But we are getting our first snow scare right now.  We've had a bit of snow so far this season but there is some weird storm going through where my sister may end up with 6 inches of wet sloppy snow and I may get a dusting of wet sloppy snow.

By Wednesday afternoon it should be all melted and the sun shining again.

That's weather in the Mitten, folks.

I worked today (at my job at the library that I LOVE) and everyone was talking about the weather and snow days off of school and so forth.

It got me thinking....

What is your "supply list" look for when you know a storm is blowing in that keeps you in your house?

I always have to have pancake mix (Krusteaz, it's the best) and syrup.  One can live a good long time on pancakes.  And there are no limits to how many ways you can make them.

Milk, bread, eggs.

And coffee, of course.  I have been known to misjudge how much milk we may need but not the amount of creamer for my coffee.  Yes, my boys have eaten cereal with half and half before - they need their Moma sane with coffee.

And, hidden in the dark recesses of the deep freezer where only I know, wrapped in a bag so it looks like nothing at all but a discounted meat I found, is a big bag of peanut butter m&m's.  One can survive much with m&m's.

How about you all?  What do you always try to make sure it is in the house when a storm is headed to your spot in our world?

I may need some new stocking up foods.

Looking forward to what you have to say...but right now I have to run.  The boys are supposed to be taking care of laundry.  All I know is that I hear loud thumps and our dining room light is swaying now....good indication they are NOT taking care of laundry upstairs.

Stay warm, my friends (and my friends in Arizona and Australia...I do not need to hear the temp.  I know it is warm.  Please don't remind me right now as I wear wool socks, two sweaters and am still cold.) !

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gen2revztruth said...

Your snow is 'wet and sloppy'??
You are DESTROYING my idea of snow! lol.