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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fox 17 Digital Detox Monday

I realized I never told you about Monday.

And since our story airs TODAY at 10 pm on Fox 17
I thought I'd give you a glimpse behind the scenes.

Here is my desk.
See the blue notebook?
ELEVEN pages of notes from the weekend.
I like to write.
A lot.

 I don't, however, know how to unclutter my desk.  So anyone who wants to send me tips, I'd appreciate it. I need to frame the pictures, I suppose.

It was soooooooo odd to not have the news on Monday morning.  Sorta like knowing you will have a test and not knowing what it will be on.  Sarah was headed to our house, and I had no idea what had happened on her four hour morning news show, no idea what the weekend news stories were.  Jake and I had both agreed that going a weekend with Digital Detox would be WAY easier than any week day.

Just before Sarah was to arrive, S3 and S4 got into a nice big argument.  I'm not sure what about.  I just know the house was full of lots of nervousness and they took it too far so they had to sit on the couch, hold hands, and think of five things they liked about each other.
 They were not happy with this arrangement but it totally worked.

And then Jason the camera man (who was WAY nice and I so wish I had gotten a picture of him with all of us because, really, he was just the nicest....) and Sarah were here and we interviewed again. (I hid the unfolded clothes in the laundry room).  S2 nearly bombarded Jason asking him all sorts of questions about the Lions game he had missed the night before.
 Sarah took a minute to take a few pictures with us.  Other than the fact that Andrew closed his eyes, I really like this picture.
 And here is Sarah and me and the scarf I should have worn the whole interview.
 Jake wanted a picture of the Fox 17 vehicle IN OUR DRIVEWAY.  He was totally bummed he missed all this and for some reason he wanted this picture and Sarah was sweet enough to take it for us.
It's been a few weeks since we did our Digital Detox and when I look back over it I was wondering if we had changed anything since then.  I do keep my cell phone on ring only at night so the texts/fb/twitter dings don't pull me away.  I do, however, still check it during the evening.

The boys made a fort with an old bench swing that has a canopy over the top of it during the weekend of our digital detox and they still will play with that fort until it's so dark I wonder how they can see out there.  They pretend they are surviving in the wilderness and that's all the shelter they have.

On Sunday mornings, we haven't watched tv.  This has also gotten us to church on time...and that is really kind of unheard of for us.

But movie night with my hubby when we are curled up on the couch together and the boys are upstairs watching an old VHS tape....still the best.  And this weekend all six of us crammed on the couch and watched Tangled (that is love because they know it's Moma's favorite movie).

The thing I MISS about the detox...the morning all the boys cuddled in bed with us.  Crazy, huh?  I guess because I know that this brief moment in our lives when they want to cuddle up with us is fleeting at best.  And I want to treasure that.

Our Story Airs TONIGHT, NOVEMBER 15th AT TEN PM on FOX 17.
You can see it HERE.


Homemaker Honey said...

Too bad it won't be airing here in Brisbane. Perhaps, I can find it online.

My hubby and I recently moved house - just a few homes down - not far. We went weeks without a phone and internet because for some reason here in our small suburb of Brisbane it is too difficult to make the new connection.

Amazingly, we didn't go crazy. In the evenings, we enjoyed reading together. Though we have been reconnected with this century, we still read books (not e-readers). I like to turn the pages. :)

gen2revztruth said...

You need a bigger desk! Seriously! Is the room for a low bookcase to go next to it or something? Filing cabinets are so ugly, but you could transfer the clutter to a bookcase next to your desk. :)