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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The other day it was slightly coolish.

Like, not 100.

So, the boys loaded up their bikes in the suburban while I watered my flowers and then we headed to the school track.

When the boys were all in school, I would drop them off and then drive down to the track.

I play the God Journey on my phone, listening to them as I walk.

I have never looked this good while walking.

But it's been a good six weeks since I walked like this on the track.

And I thought depressingly of how I had been walking four miles in an hour and now I was doing one mile in twenty minutes.

I was pretty down and out as I kept shuffling along, pausing every now and then to answer one of the boys questions.

At the far end of the track is our community garden.

The boys, S2 especially, have taken great pride in being a part of this project.

An older man was busy working in the garden and we gave him lots of space as I walked the track and the boys ran their bikes all over the track and dried out football practice field.

The man stopped me after I had been walking awhile.  "You must be in better shape than most of us," he smiled kindly at me, "How many times around is that for you?  Most walkers only go around once or twice."



You never know who needs to hear those positive words.

That man literally made my day.

So much so that days later I am blogging about it.

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