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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hanging Clothes is a Trip

We hang clothes on the line.

Oftentimes, I get busy doing this that and the other thing (imagine that) and don't get the clothes on the line in a timely fashion - like as soon as they get out of the washing machine.  By the second load getting done, I am lugging the heavy wet clothes outside.

But, if my husband is outside, he always helps me.

I would like to romantically think he helps me just because he enjoys spending time with me.

But I know better.

He helps me hang clothes on the line because it saves money since we are not using the dryer.

Sunday night he was helping me hang clothes on the line and S4 comes strolling up.  "Ahhhhh, ain't that so cute? You and Mama, hanging clothes on the line. So sweet. So adorable," he crooned in his best romantic sing songy mocking voice.

Jake laughed.  "Careful.  That there will end up in a blog."

All the boys were migrating toward the clothes line and they began hanging things up.  I have long learned to just accept the way they hang things and not worry what it looks like or how it is hung.

out our kitchen door, looking toward our rental house

"Hey, Mama?" S4 asked.  S4 begins many conversations this way.  "Why do we use these clothes pins?"

"To keep the clothes on the line, silly!" responded his Daddy.

"Why can't we just use duct tape?" he asked.

"Yah! Duct tape would work!" S3 agreed.

Before I could even laugh, S1, calm and steady, patiently explained that duct tape would leave a sticky residue to the clothes and that was why we didn't use duct tape to hang them up.

It's as if he has thought about this before.

Daddy laughed. "Now it's for sure going to be a blog."

So he snapped the photos for me with his droid.


Marie said...

I enjoyed reading this! I love to hang up clothes on the line too. It's very peaceful and the money it saves is a bonus. :)

Boy Crazy said...

Sounds like a nice family acivity! :)

jelly andrews said...

That’s really sweet. Maybe he doesn’t want you to get stressed with that kind of work. And that is really a cute bonding time.