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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

S1 turns 13

That's right.
You read that correctly.


Because it's his day I didn't throw a fit over a mountain dew for breakfast.

For lunch he chose a mushroom swiss burger from McDonald's.

And I may have encouraged him to take a close up picture to rub it in to his Daddy.

And if you haven't figured out there is food theme here....

The boys always get to choose their food on their birthday.

And when you turn 13, we followed the tradition from my family and he was able to choose the restaurant for his birthday meal. 

He chose Red Lobster.

While we waited for our dinner in a room that was empty except for us....

He opened his gift.

 A Wheel Horse tshirt a certain Mama snuck off to buy during a recent tractor show under the guise of fresh squeezed lemonaide.  Of course, to pull of that guise, I had to buy and drink a fresh squeezed lemonaide.

A watch - a really cool Cabela's watch - and.....

 A cell phone for emergencies.

Today he texted me to tell me thanks for the phone.  A text to his mama is ALWAYS going to be considered a NEED TO MAKE call/text.

 Because he actually hasn't ever had seafood, he chose to get the platter meal.  Because then he could find out what he likes the best.
 Daddy was there to coach him on what to eat and what not to eat.  And Daddy would NOT let him eat the french fries on his plate when there was fish to be eaten.  And crab legs.  And lobster tail.

Over all, I think he had a grand birthday.

It was a fun way to celebrate a big birthday.

I could keep typing.  I could tell you how he is such an "old soul".  How at 13 he is more mature and old acting and I have come to depend on him to be a big help to me.  That he is basically done being a boy who plays and instead is the go to guy for fixing and helping and solving brotherly spats.

That the boy can fix anything.

That every day he takes time out to read his Bible, determined to read it all the way through this year.

I could tell you all that and much more.

But I am already getting teary eyed about it all.
So I will just end this.

I love you, my dear first son!

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Tammy said...

Happy Birthday to your young man!!