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Friday, July 20, 2012

Peninsula Grill

My husband and I did not find the greatest of hotel's for our stay in Traverse City.  We had a great time, we used our time there to have loads of fun (kayaking, watching fireworks, etc etc etc)...but we probably will never ever go there again.

As we were driving around we spotted the most wonderful inn EVER.  Being very unlike myself, I did not take a photo of it.  The place has been in business for  - brace yourself - 143 years.

That is not a typo.

Literally, 143 years.  And they are only the fourth owners of the Old Mission Inn.

It oozes history and charm.  Babe Ruth and Joe Louis stayed there, they have actual proof.

I just fell in love with the porch.

And the view.

I had found them when looking up places to stay but my husband wasn't keen on staying at a bed and breakfast.  But then he saw this place and said, "Hey, why didn't we stay there?"

I beat him with an empty water bottle.

Anyhow, check the place out because I feel it is a worthy place for you to leave my blog and look at. We stopped in and visited with the owners for a bit.  AND, it is NOT a bed and breakfast.  But I hear rumor that the two hours they make breakfast are two hours you don't want to miss.

We are so going there.

Hopefully sooner than later.

Which leads me to the next place you need to visit....

We stopped at the gas station it shares a parking lot with because, frankly, we had to pee.

And the restaurant looked pretty cute, so we gave it a try.

When we walked in, a pleasant sweet woman greeted us and told us, "Emily, the greatest hostess in the world" would seat us.

Well, this place sounded promising already.

I eyed the special board and was THRILLED to read "peanut butter cheesecake".

I was so getting dessert.

We had deep fried portabella fries that had some kind of dipping sauce that literally makes my mouth water as I type this.  It was unusual and amazing to eat.

There weren't a lot of choices on the menu.

Jake ordered fish.

He swears to me that it was very nearly the very best ever fish he has ever eaten.

Antlers in Sault Saint Marie is his favorite place for fish.  But this is the FIRST fish that he has ever said compared to that.

People, that is HUGE.

I ordered a chicken sandwich.

After a bite I knew I needed a photo.




It had some sort of sauce you spread over this amazing bread.  Jake gave me all the fancy lettuce that was on his fish and I added it to my sandwich but it didn't need it.  I was stuffed, and very sad, when that sandwich was finished.

The cook/chef/makerofthebestlunchever walked out to ask us if our food was good.  We gushed. He glowed.

As I ate I did get caught up in the decorations.

We loved the wood floor and want to figure out what sort of finish it has on it because this is the sort of floor we want in our living room.

I loved the colors of the place.

Notice hubby's glow in the dark Midwest Shirt.  That was not one of the colors I gushed over.

Brownish black, blue, red and brown.  White.

These are the colors I would like my entire house in.

Especially the kitchen.

Here I am, snapping photos with my iphone and the waitress is just as sweet as can be about it.

I wish I had a picture of our waitress and the worlds greatest hostess.

And I wish I had taken a photo of the banquet room, which was breathtaking in a rustic, glamours way.

I was deeply saddened when the cheesecake was erased from the specials board.  I had been looking for cheesecake this entire weekend away and this was peanut butter to boot.  Our waitress assured me she had just erased it because they had just received new markers and they were excited to use them.

As if I hadn't loved this place enough already.

I was stuffed from dinner so we said our goodbye and headed out, cheesecakeless.

I didn't even get back into the car before I looked at my husband and pleaded, "Please, could I go back and get a piece of cheesecake to eat later?"

He rolled his eyes but grinned and off I went in search of divine dessert.

My waitress was as sweet as could be as she hurried off to the kitchen to grab it for me.  And then, when I went to pay, she GAVE it to me.  "No, no, you just take it," she assured me.

I have eaten this piece of cheesecake one small bite at a time.  I may actually cry when I am finished with it, it is that good.  But I can't help but think the reason it is that good is because it is a gift from a sweet woman at a special place.

I know my readers are literally all around the world and spread across this great USA, but a lot of you are here in the mitten with me.  And if you ever get a chance to head up to Mission Peninsula, you must promise you me you will eat here.

You certainly would never regret it.

If, by chance, you go up to the other peninsula (North Point/ North Port), check out Barb's Bakery.  I don't know what she was selling but the line to her store was so long I think her donuts must be laced with sugar crack or something.  We've never seen anything like the lines of people to get into that bakery in such a small little town.  But we weren't hungry so we didn't stop.  It is a great regret of the trip.

We did, however, stop at a quaint little coffee shop called Brew North.  It was, hands down, the BEST Milky Way coffee I have ever had the privilege of drinking.  Ah-mazing.  My husband was bleary eyed and droopy, his coffee perked him back up to the husband I know and love.  The coffee was THAT good.  I cannot find a single link for it.  It had a lovely flower lined walk in the back of a large building that also housed a work out place.  I didn't get the name of that place, I was too engrossed in the coffee.  But the place is on a corner, if that helps in your travels.

Read about our entire trip HERE...15th Anniversary


Kaira said...

I've got plans to get up there with my.husband soonish and we'll definitely check these places out. Did you stop by the old general store on Old Mission Peninsula? Seriously, I love that place! It's so fun to see your adventures and know you were there around the same time as we were.

Sheila said...

Denise, you are so funny! Isn't UP North great?! Ken and I need to take ourselves a little getaway up there one of these days. Thanks for the tip on the B&B, we actually love staying at B&B's!