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Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Anniversary to My Handsome Hubby

We celebrate our 15th Anniversary

I love this picture he snuck on me on our anniversary trip.

It feels like we JUST got married and it feels like it's been foooooorever.  

Over our trip this past weekend, we had long moments where we didn't talk at all.  We had times we couldn't get words out fast enough.

The moments I loved the most were all of them.


I don't think there was a time when we weren't holding hands, when his arms weren't wrapped around me, when I did not feel like the most special and most loved girl in the world.

Everywhere we went he would say, "It's our anniversary.  15 years this year."  I would have not said a word and he boasted it to the world.

They say you fall more and more in love with someone.  That's not true.  You work hard to keep your relationship strong.  It can be ugly.  It can be painful.  And the end result is a love so deep you cannot in any way put it into words.

And we are still figuring all this out.

15 years.

Jake and I sat on a dock this weekend, watching fireworks, wondering what our life would look like in 15 more years.  All we know for sure is that it will be here faster than we think it will get here.

And there is no one I would rather celebrate all the mundane, all the little, all the big, all the momentous moments in my life than with him.

I have posted this song before, but, gosh I like it and it ALWAYS makes me think of him.

I never imagined that on the day I said "I do" our life would take the turns it has, the journey it has, the memories we have.  I wouldn't have ever pictured our family being these four boys.

And I couldn't imagine being happier.

I love you, Jake.  I can't wait to see what 15 more years has in store for us.


Ginger said...

"They say you fall more and more in love with someone. That's not true. You work hard to keep your relationship strong. It can be ugly. It can be painful. And the end result is a love so deep you cannot in any way put it into words."

Wow, this is so true. After walking through 33 years with the same man I can honestly say that it's been a ton of hard work, loads of love and laughter, along with many tears. It doesn't just happen. I'm thankful to have a man along side of me that values our love and marriage and looks forward to at least 33 more years.

Congrats to you two love birds. You have a beautiful family and I love hearing about the favor of the Lord that is so evident in your lives!

Amy said...

So sweet!! Congratulations on 15 years and 4 boys!!! Just love reading these stories.

Tammy said...

Happy Anniversary!! My guy and I celebrate 31 years in a couple weeks. And it's work and it's SO worth it!! I can't imagine life without my guy.

So happy for you. :)