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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nephew Day

Wednesday is Nephew Day around here.

On Wednesday's, three year old Levi (known in previous blogs as Jr) and one year old Hunter join the fun over here.

Please note that Hunter had much fun drinking the water out of the bottle that got him this wet.

Levi arrives saying, "Hi, Guys! Hi, Aunt Niese! Hi! Hi, Guys!"

Hunter can't handle the chaos of all the boys screaming hellos and "how are you, buddy?".s and "Let's go play!"  But after a bit of time he adjusts and does just well.

I may spoil him with kisses.

Hunter gives the BEST facial expressions and even when he is fussy because it is hot he will laugh for you.  He is the happiest, easiest going baby ever.

I loved catching this...

All the boys reading.

S1 sort of watches over the group, keeping the peace.  S2 runs between wanting to take full care of Hunter, wanting to get Levi to play with him alone so his little brothers get mad and tattle and then deciding he is just going to play with S1...who does grown up things.  Like work in his shop.

Levi loves it here.

I mean, seriously, where else can you walk around with a dead snake?

AND get your picture taken with it?

I usually fall in bed exhausted on Wednesday nights, but Wednesday's sure are fun around here.

1 comment:

The Farmer's Wife said...

Oh, what a blast! Can't believe that those babies are getting that BIG...wasn't Hunter JUST born? And now he's getting around on his own?!