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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Country Girl Learns How To Curl Her Hair

...we think. We hope.

As I mentioned in the last post, I just have been informed that I need to grow up and learn to use a curling iron by my stylist. I trust my stylist. I mean, you should really trust your stylist completely.

I have straight hair. Straight. V E R Y S T R A I G H T H A I R. Straw has nothing on me.

I tried to curl my hair the day after Darcy the stylist did. It looked Daisy Duke-ish on one side and flat on the other side and crimped all over. So I wore it in a pony tail. And I had to admit, just having taken the time to attempt to curl my hair made my pony tail look ultra stylish. I decided to keep trying....

But the next morning, Sue and I were headed to a Writer's Conference (more on that later) so I went for my safe straight hair because, as Sue explained about herself, "I was born with a curling iron in my hand", and she assured me she would teach me and I would be a pro in no time.

I wasn't too sure.

About me, not about her.

It was ever so much fun hugging all our long lost buddies (Ann, Lorilee and Alison) when we arrived at the conference and, being girls, our hair styles came up and there was some discussion if my hair would even hold a curl.

But the next morning Sue was determined to have me conquer the curling iron.

She decided to see how I was curling my hair, so she had me basically pretend she wasn't there and just go to curling. I took the curling iron up in my hand, tried to get it to connect with my hair (hey, it's a trick if you aren't used to looking in the mirror and getting it to connect where you need to!) and began to curl.

Sue nearly screamed. She couldn't get me to drop that curling iron fast enough. Horror was written all over her face.

I thought I had burned my hair right off. Except I hadn't had my curling iron on my hair for any time at all. I had only begun to twist my hair up.

"You really DON'T know how to curl your hair!" she gasped.

I didn't.

I learned.

You need to curl your hair fluidly. Never against the holder thingy. And you have to use hairspray that literally works like glue. And you never want "fish tails" like I was giving my hair.

Sue expertly curled my hair, checking off helpful curling and styling tips as she did.

I love girly time. In a house full of boys, I just drink it up. And apparently I was in desperate need of it.

The next day, home alone with all my boys, I decided to attempt it again. I had to consciously think what I was doing....I had to concentrate fully. S4 came into the bathroom (we only have the one bathroom) and his jaw dropped open.

he asked incredulously.
"Why are you pulling your hair like that?"

I tried to explain.

It didn't work.

But I did curl it. I had Jake take a photo of me and send it to Sue. She told me it was "darling". Honestly, I need more girl time because her calling it "darling" just made me feel "darling". I don't use the word "darling" nearly enough.

And Hubs is a huge fan of the new look. It took me a full 2o minutes I figured.

And then we had this picture taken (yes, same shirt as before. Hubby REALLY likes this shirt on me.)


Jennifer said...

It looks beautiful!

Sherrie said...

My Dear Friend, WOW!! you did an awesome job!!! You look so beautiful! But then when don't you!! As I read your post today I have to say it as if I was their with you. I could so hear the boys watching you do your hair! I got a big laugh out of it!!! Well keep up the good job on the curling iron. I myself give up on hair! I cute my hair short again!! I just keep having bad hair days! UGH!! I miss you and I send my love to you and your family!!!

Kristine said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better I have never been able to curl my hair or use a curler either ;)

I'm glad you were able to learn because it really does look so pretty with the curls :D

Katherine said...

It looks great. I have the opposite problem (well, kind of.) My hair is poofy...not curly, not staight, just this weird wavy type of hair. Any time spent doing my hair is spent trying to make it as straight as possible. Which I don't really know how to do.

Jessica Lima said...

It looks very nice!!!! I don't do curling irons either ;) I am really not good with hair! I think I need a crash course :)

Anonymous said...

You are so stinkin' cute! I love this! You would have had a blast at my house back in the days of three girls and their mom. We had a bathroom full of irons of every shape and color. My girls all had long hair.

I'm thinking we need to hook up for coffee just so I can see your curls.