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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Magazine has Arrived!!!!

Sue and I have often thought how cool would it be to make our own magazine? One that connected all of the Praise and Coffee's around, well, the world now. We drank POTS of french press coffee, we sketched things out in one subject notebooks and thought about it more as we folded newsletters.

Sue loves fonts, to play with colors and design. She flourishes with that sort of thing. Every once in awhile, she will look at me and say "you got that, right?" and I stare at the photo shop or the web design jargon and give her a blank look. But I have to admit, I may not get all the techy things but I sure do enjoy it.

So, here it is. Our Very First Magazine. I hope you enjoy it, we loved putting it together for you all.


Rachel said...

How exciting!! Checking it out right now!! =)

Karen said...

Hey Denise! I didn't get a chance to respond yesterday but I did take a quick peek at the mag and it's looking great! I need to go back sometime today when I get a chunk of time to really take a look at it. I guess I also need to figure out how to make it large enough for me to read. Yesterday I was having trouble with that.

Karen said...

Hold the presses! I was just taking a look at it again, playing around with trying to make it big enough for these old eyes. (I think I figured it out). And, there's a Praise & Coffee night in Lititz???!!! That's like 20 minutes from where I live! How do I hook up with them???