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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jr Discovers How to Make FIre

Jr has been adorable lately, figuring out new things all the time. He totally cracks me up. Says words all the time. For instance....

"Don't eat that, it's nasty."

Jr, "Nasty".

"That's right, now throw it in the garbage."

Jr, "Bye-bye."

He cracks me up.

He also is extremely intelligent. Very much. I am always impressed with what he figures out.

Except today.

He was in the kitchen, eating an apple. I smelled a bit of smoke, but because we have a wood stove I didn't think too much of it....

Until the smoke got super bad.

All the sudden.

Very quickly.

Apparently, Jr has figured out how to use our toaster.

He had just pulled all our school notes off the wall so I had set them on the toaster to put back up later when he left for home...

And at some point, when he was eating his apple and sitting on his little stool, he pushed the toaster to "toast".

When I would check on him, he was sitting there, happy as a lark, eating an apple.


The toaster...IS MELTED!

We needed a new toaster anyhow, I suppose.

The crazy thing? Jr thought it was funny and S4, he never even noticed the smoke alarm, the smoke...nothing.

Coffee...I am looking for more coffee....


Kristine said...

Well, that's certainly an adventure to wake you up in the morning! By the way, saw the pics. It is very interesting that there is a leaf shape burned into the paper. Ah, poor toaster, you are no more.

Kim said...

I won't complain about burnt toast anymore—it's better than burnt toaster!

I've had a problem lately with my girls just dropping papers and clothes on the very small counterspace next to our stove. Often I'll find stuff sliding onto the burner. They just drop it and run, and don't check to see if the stove is cool : (

Karen said...


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Hahahaha!!! He's Jack. Like a twin, but just with different mothers. I can imagine him thinking, "What would this do..."