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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Have Been Tagged - Eight Things You Wanted to Know

So, Kristine tagged me.

Only because it's Kristine will I answer......

Where do you dream of traveling one day and why?
Does the world count? Like, here are the highlights....I'd like to see the Netherlands when all the tulips are in bloom. Germany's black Forrest (and then I could visit my cousin Maria). France, because it's romantic. Australia, because it's cool. England and Scotland and Ireland because of the history. Everywhere Nicholas Sparks went with Micah in Three Weeks with My Brother because I loved that book. Oh, and the whole United States and Alaska...You know, just a quick trip.

What do you like to do for fun?
I like to camp. I don't like to get ready to camp, I don't like to unpack from camping, but I love camping itself. And beach days. But because it's getting close to winter, I have to say indoor activities like playing cards (especially against Jake cuz we can get pretty competitive), reading a good book and family movie/game night (which we don't do nearly enough).

And I like to write. Obviously. And I'll think of a million other things to fun to do and wish I'd put those here instead of this, I'm sure. :)

What type of music do you prefer?
I like everything, except scream-o (thanks for that word Kristine!) and rap. Country, alternative, classic, blues, jazz...if it sounds good I like it. In the suburban we have country or Christian pandora is extreme.

What movies or tv shows do you prefer?
Hub and I LOVE 24. We haven't seen the last season yet so don't tell us about it. We get them on dvd and watch a trillion of them in a row. Right now we are watching Apprentice, Ice Road Truckers most Dangerous Roads, American Pickers. My most favorite movies I have recently seen are Julie and Julia and Australia...we don't watch many movies (which is a bummer)>

What frustrates you and why?
Jake said "Is wasting time in front of the computer one of them?" Haha. House work frustrates me, because you work on it all day long and when Hubs walks through the door, it looks like I didn't do a's ALWAYS there to do. Sigh.

What is your favorite food and dessert?
I usually lean towards noodle dishes or bread dishes. Love me some good bread! Dessert...cheesecake sounds good tonight!

What is your favorite color?
I lean towards browns. I like turquoise and silver in jewelry.

Do you prefer warmer or cooler weather?
WARM!!!!!!!!!! I am a TOTAL summer girl! Fall is pretty, but summer is my favorite. Bare feet every day!

Ending with a funny story.
Tonight, S3 pulled S4's hair and S4 decided it was worthy of being tattled on.
To the big guy, Daddy.
"Daddy, he pulled my hair - hard."
His response? "Well, we should cut your hair then."
S4's response? "No, my hair is fine. Cut his hand off, that's what he pulled it with."
Ahhh, brotherly love.


Kristine said...

Aw, thanks for answering :D I love your travel plans and would love to go with you to all of those places!

Praise and Coffee said...

I know you really well and this was still fun to read! :)

Karen said...

I LOVE American Pickers! Oh, and I read the story at the end of your post to my husband and he laughed out loud. "Now that's boy logic." he said.

Jessica Lima said...

That was a fun post! Thanks for sharing!