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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Family Dinner Conversations

Just the title should tell you this post will be...interesting.

This weekend, the boys borrowed the movie Garfield from our neighbors. They had never seen this movie before and were completely enthralled with it. I did not watch it, but being the wonderful mother I am I did let them watch it two or three or so times so I could finish the book I was reading. Yes, I am that kind of mother.

All day Sunday the boys were talking in lines of the movie. They would spout out some weird something and I would wonder what I missed and the other with would answer with something else that made no sense to me and then another would laugh and say how great that was....and then I would realize it was the movie they were quoting.

Well, somehow this got S1 talking about a Garfield comic he had read recently that mentioned Jon wanting to write a love letter to his girlfriend and he was going to describe her as his favorite foods.

That's all it took.

The boys love lasagna, hot dogs, pancakes, pizza, etc.

Just imagine.

They were attempting to put it all together in some beautiful sort of poetry to impress a girl.

There were many shrieks of laughter.

I need not worry about them getting a girlfriend any time soon.

Thank goodness.

Then my husband turned to me, cleared his throat dramatically and began with "Your lips are red like ripe tomatoes......"

In the words of Lucy from Peanuts, "Good Grief!"

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Anonymous said...

The days of dinnertime fun are long gone from my four walls. The memories will remain forever and for that I'm smiling.

All to soon you will be sitting there and realizing they have grown and real love is in the air as they find the woman they love.

It's all in the seasons of life and I loved each one with my 3 girls.