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Friday, October 8, 2010

We Nearly Died in a Corn Maze

On Tuesday, I took the two youngest to the best Apple Orchard I know (okay, it's the only Apple Orchard I know, but the donuts make it the BEST). Gull Meadow Farms puts together a great destination spot and it is very well known in the area. Ever since I was little my parents have taken us there for donuts and apples. Never pumpkins because, I know this will shock you all, we have always had our own.

If making the drive over to Gull Meadow Farms, here are some tips you might want to know....

*For $7.50 you get to do everything...wagon ride, kids play area, corn maze. (if you haven't clicked on the link yet, you want to just to see this maze,)

*For $1.00, you get to play for unlimited amount of time in the kids play area (this is what we did). However, the slide, the zip line, the hay bale climb, the pillow jump, the garden tractor train, etc...all this is closed until four pm. You do not have an option, either, to take a wagon ride through the farm. I did not know this when we arrived and honestly, it really disappointed me.

We could go through the corn maze but I'm not sure if this will surprise you at all, but I am "directionally challenged".

I get lost everywhere.

Except when we are camping, oddly enough. I always can figure out our way there.

But anywhere else, well, that's a whole other story. It could be a whole other BLOG in and of itself. "The Many Ways to Get Lost" or something like that.

So I was very thankful when the woman told me there was a kids corn maze in the kids play area. I figured this would be perfect because I am pretty sure had I taken my boys into the gigantic corn maze, they would have to send the energizer bunny of search parties in after us.

The boys had a ton of fun with the hand water pump duck race, we played this the most. They found the outhouses and foot pump sinks way cool. Seeing all the apple tress was impressive. But the corn maze that was really fence stakes, was the ultimate in fun.

It was a lot of walking but it was impossible to get lost and pretty cut and dry. You walk in here, you follow in one direction, you walk out over here.

Unless you are us, apparently.

The boys thought it would be fun to race each other and beat Moma and have her eat their dust and all that. They squealed with laughter as they took off. But S3 just got new shoes out of a bag of freebies someone (thankfully) gave us and they seemed to have super running powers because he would run way far ahead of S4. S4 would then hang his head and cry. Sob really. This would put S4 even further behind, which would then confuse him, so then he would try to run back where he started from, which made him even further behind.....

It turned into a mess.

Because, while S4 was only a row or so away from me, I couldn't actually get him. And whenever S3 tried to run to get him, S4 would run to meet him and they would end up further apart and S4 would cry harder.

However, when we would finally all meet, there would be great rejoicing. Huge hugs. As if this was the first meeting among brothers and their mother in years.

When we were leaving, I asked the boys if they had had a good time, a good day. I was concerned they may have not. S3 emphatically told me it was the best trip EVER and he had the best time.

S4 began to whimper a bit in the back. "Except for the part where we were lost in the corn maze and we could have DIED."

"Yah, yah, other than that part," agreed S3. "But the corn maze was the best part."

"Except when you lost me," S4 quipped from the back seat.

"But we found you," S3 pointed out.

"But we could have starved and been lost forever and died," S4 reminded him.

"Yah," S3 nodded in agreement, "but we didn't so it was fun."

I leave you with this video, taken after about the 5th lost experience. Prepare your ears.....


Karen said...

Denise! You did it again! You made me laugh out loud (I almost never do that when I'm reading or watching something). First of all your title (once again) cracked me up before I even started reading your post. Then, I got to the video. Oh. my. goodness. The drama, the suspense, the joy. And, I love that you are very calmly videotaping the whole thing.

Jen said...

I love how all you can see is their little blond heads bobbing up and down!! :)

Katie said...

That video was so funny. What's best is that you weren't saying a thing while S4 was sobbing! Not that that's funny, but seriously, what can you do?! Thanks for sharing. I love reading about your "trials."

Katie said...

That video was so funny. I don't know which was more humorous--the kids trying to get out or you standing there, silently watching the whole drama play out. Seriously, what could you do?!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I am flying out there JUST to put my kids in there.

Anonymous said...

That was too cute! I'm so glad you didn't die in the maze or we would not have met last night, hehe. I miss little kids! Your boys are darling!