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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Morning ReDo

"Don't let Sadie in," S4 warned, "Moma has had a rough time with her."

Sadie is our year old German Shepherd and I should be off the computer cleaning the carpet right now because of her.

I wasn't gonna blog today about this morning but sometimes you just want to throw out there that not every day is funny around here.

And even when it's totally not funny, it sorta kinda is.

Let me explain.

At 5:30 this morning, Hubs kissed me goodbye and headed to work. It's odd he works a Saturday and we are thankful for his job and the hours. As his unmufflered "BeAwake" rumbled out of here, I rolled over to go back to blissful sleep. It's my one and only sleep in morning of the whole week. But while I could still here the car, Sadie began to whine.

She had just been let out but apparently she felt she should not be in the kennel any longer. And she must be in the kennel because she eats and chews enough things in and around our house when we are all trying to watch her.

I finally let her outside and limped sleepily back to bed.

Where she then began to jump on all our doors and windows asking to come back in.

I covered my head with my pillow.

Then S1 came in and let me know he was going to go out hunting. I wished him luck, told him to get a big buck, and rolled over to try to go back to sleep. He put Sadie in the kennel and headed out.

Only to turn around and let me know that he just can't walk out there in the dark because he keeps thinking about that scary video he seen....last year. Last year at school a well meaning mom thought it would be all kinds of Halloween fun to show the music video "Thriller". My son has had nightmares over this...and now with all the music for every Halloween commercial (it seems) is "Thriller" he has a hard time in the night, in the dark, being alone..... My son can shoot and kill a Russian Boar, run to our defense, protect his brothers, be a little man, but this Halloween holiday is his undoing.

I'll be so thankful with Halloween is over. I truly dislike it. I try to like it, but I don't.

So, I told him to just not hunt and go back to bed.

As I planned to do.

But then Sadie started barking again. She either high pitched whines or she barks. And her bark is like Bolt...have you seen that cute movie? Yah, Sadie's BARK is WAY more powerful than Bolt's.

Then S2 came in to tell me he lost a tooth.

And S4 wanted to know if it was okay if he got something to eat because he was starving.

And S3 wanted to cuddle me.

Sadie laid her head on mine to let me know she was back in the house....she also had rolled in something. Something nasty.

I buried my head in the pillow.

Josie, our other dog, came in and licked my hand to see if I was still alive.

It was just past eight in the morning.

I gave up. I got up. I asked them if they wanted me to make them breakfast but they had all eaten breakfast. S1 figured it was light enough he could go hunting. I made an extra strong pot of coffee and took some much needed Excedrin. Then I sat down at the computer not because I wanted to, I actually HAD to fill out something on the computer.....

And that's when the boys decided they were starving.

So I asked them if I could take a shower and then I'd make them pancakes. In the shower, I had a little pity party for myself and asked God for a better rest of the day. I was feeling like I was washing the ick of the morning away and all would be sunny good times now.

That's about the same moment that S1 came in to inform that Sadie had puked all over the carpet.

More of our house is uncarpeted than carpeted.

I got out of the shower, walked over the puke to see S2 and S3 having it out with a pillow fight. They KNOW they aren't supposed to. S2 seen me first and dropped fast to the couch, sitting on the pillow with a sad "I am so busted" look on his face while S3 was still giggling "Come on! Don't give up! I'm gonna really beat you this time!"

They got sent to bed.

I sat down on my bed and wished I could just fall asleep and start the day over. Instead, I took a deep breath.

Got dressed, drank more coffee, made home made from scratch pancakes, purposefully tried to seem cheerful (er) and had a heart to heart with my pillow fighting boys.

And all seems to be getting better. Really.

I could even giggle when S4 declared, "I had to give S1 and idea in his head so he didn't have to think so long." I mean, that really is seriously silly stuff.

But I think my boys are still trying to watch out for me...they have all run outside to play together - Survivor Man is the game of the day - and keep the dogs from me.

They love me. How can I not have better day just thinking on that? So, I'm done venting, I've got four boys to enjoy having home for the whole day.

Now the dogs.....that's another story.......


Anonymous said...

Somehow in the midst of your crazy and sleepless morning you found a way to make me smile once again. I long for those days gone by when I had three little girls around to drive me crazy. Yes, I make those years a fairytale now, but truly they were the best of times!

Hugs those for the dog, um, ahhhh, hug the dog too, why not?!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I'm not a Halloween person, either. We have our party, and I'm ok with that. But I don't "like" it.

Thriller? I can't even watch Thriller without nightmares!! What the heck was she thinking???

I was giggling a little because I said to myself, "Hunting! By HIMSELF???? And then I remembered that it's normal in other parts of the country."

And the dogs? I won't comment on the dogs.