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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Moma May Look Pretty, but She Sure Felt Like She Failed

How's that for a title?

We have been down with the flu this week. It hit us all the sudden and it hit us HARD. Yuck.

Yesterday, I laid in bed and could hardly move. S4 laid in front of the heater vent all day and wailed that he would surely die because he would never be able to eat, drink, play football or talk normally again. S1 was thrilled that a whole day marathon of Swamp People was on the History Channel. All. Day. Marathon. Of. Swamp. People.

But today the boys assured me they were well enough for school and I woke up feeling human again too (coffee greatly helped this human feeling along). So....I made plans to pick S4 up from school early and told S1 that I would check on him too and if he wanted to go home at eleven, too, he could.

S4 was mad when I arrived to pick him up. He had been hoping to eat the school's hot lunch, he wanted to stay with his school buddies, he felt fine, no one else had to leave...I bribed him with a cheeseburger. I did. I said, "I'll take you to McDonald's if you leave now...."

So he did.

He then informed me that when he grows up he would like to be a cowboy first and work in a cheeseburger shop after that. Such high hopes!

I checked on S1, he seemed fine. Our school is in the midst of MEAP tests (and I just have to say, purely from a mothers heart, I detest MEAP test time).

I felt all must be perfectly fine when 1:30 rolled around, and I went in to get my hair trimmed for the first time in....well, we figured about three months. How does that happen? How do you just "forget" to care for yourself?


But Darcy does wondrous things with my hair and I am so trying to grow it out and I pointed out to her some model with hair I love...and she informed me it was time for me to learn to curl my hair and if I master it now, I will love it when it gets even longer. It'll give me a bit of oomph.

It sounded wonderful, she made it look wonderful. I haven't used a curling iron since..........a long long long time ago.

I am not sure my hair will ever look like this again......
It was tons of fun chatting away in the beauty salon and I said my goodbyes, had enough time to go to the grocery story before the boys got home from school, feeling pretty and cute when I noticed the blinking light on my cell phone.

It was the school.

S1 was sick. Could I come get him?

He had sat there for one full hour, waiting for me to come get him.

I drove over the speed limit to get him.

I gave him the biggest hug. I apologized profusely. He told me it was okay and "Hey, your hair looks really nice, Moma."

I love that boy!

Since the day was 15 minutes from ending, I decided to take all the boys home. They were thrilled, well, except for S1 who wrapped up in a blanket on the couch and pulled his hat over his eyes. My poor boy.

Ug, Moma fail today........thank goodness they still like me. And that they like spaghetti because I didn't get to the store to get the buttermilk to make the Pioneer Woman's fried chicken. Again.

Another day, another try (and a new talent to perfect...the curling iron).


Anonymous said...

Oh how you make me laugh. I'm croaking at the curling iron issues as I have one in my hand every single day. You do look amazing with the new do.

Sorry about your little guy being sick at school. I'm sure he never doubted his momma was coming.

Praise and Coffee said...

You look beautiful!!! And young! They're going to think I'm your mother this weekend :)

Rachel Hammond said...

So cute...makes the late pickup totally forgivable! :)

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

It looks beautiful! And you could totally do that :)

Is it normally straight, or do you straighten it?

Stephanie said...

I just found you blog and I've enjoyed reading! Your hair looks super cute ... and I am surprised the school felt it was enough to just leave a message? Didn't try calling again? It was an honest mistake : ) That said, once when my oldest son was in Kindergarten and came home at lunchtime, I was in the middle of a mini-crisis (the lower level of our home flooded with sewage -ewwww, and forgot to be at the bus stop. The policy is that they don't drop Kindegarteners off without a adult waiting ... so he stayed on the bus and completed the route with the bus driver. I had to drive to another stop to get him ... I definitely felt TERRIBLE! The poor little guy ran off the bus and just clung to me! And I didn't even have cute hair to make up for it!! Have a nice weekend!