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Friday, May 6, 2011

Buck Howdy's RoXzai

This is Buck Howdy. I have blogged about him before, many moons ago. In fact, it was one of the VERY first blog posts I ever wrote, that's how long ago it was. I wrote it for Sue and you can read it HERE.

Well, Mr. Buck Howdy somehow found out about that and he sent us some cds and bandanas. As if we weren't a big enough fan of him before, we were huge fans after that. And we have been ever since. We sing our chickens his songs, S4 sings the S'mores song all the time (especially when we are camping, then he sings it all. the. time.), Hubby throughly gets a kick out of TSA song.

Seriously, we are big fans.

Well, recently I noticed Buck Howdy talking on his facebook page - wait, you aren't friends with THE Buck Howdy....well, click HERE and become friends, tell him I sent you...I'll wait - about a new game he has called RoXzai.

I watched the video about the game and it reminds me a lot of a game we can't find anywhere called Bandu. When I was little, my Dad was given the gift and then we all became tortured with it. It's basically a wood shop guy said "let's take all the nasty little pieces of leftover wood on the floor and see if we can stack them up on a teeny tiny little board - it'd make a great game!"

And it does.

Every year my Dad hauls it out - and if we doesn't we are devastated - and we all try to beat him at it.

We never ever do.

By the end of the game no one is allowed to walk through the kitchen. Silence is heavy as someone tries to take the ugly piece of wood given them and try to get it to knock over their barely hanging on configuration of wood pieces. If the cheering that you made it work knocks your masterpiece over, we still count it.

But no one beats my Dad.

It is addicting fun. We look forward to it every year when the weather is cold and we start digging out the game again. But you can't buy it anymore.

So when I seen THIS game I thought "super cool! It's a lot like Bandu! We could use that for the boys to have a Bandu type memory."

Mr. Buck Howdy must have heard me thinking that very same thought because he emailed me and asked me if I could mention his game. I was more than happy to.

Please check out the link for the game. If you just click "like" on the RoXzai video, that helps him greatly. Because although he is a grammy award winning children's singer, he doesn't have the money to just make the game available. He's about half way to the point he needs to be to get this game up and running.

If you want the game ( you will ) and order it, you have to wait for it to reach that $2,500 or so goal before they will make them and send them out to you. If they don't, you won't be charged for the game.

Let's not let that happen, friends. Let's buy this game so we can have fun family times with our families that make precious memories.

If I were rich (you all should know by now we are not monetarily rich) I would pledge a full $2,850 dollars and have my friend Buck Howdy drive out and give a concert in our farming community. And I'd donate the $250 dollars to get lots of RoXzai games to give to my brothers, my sister and give away on the blog.

But I don't.

I DO have $23. Which will get me one game. And it will make hundreds of happy memories with my boys when we get snowed in this next winter (which I totally do not want to think about right now while the buds are just arriving on the trees).

I don't promote things on my blog, you all know that. But I do believe that Buck Howdy is a good man. And I think he made a good game here.

So, please, if all you do is check out the video of RoXzai and hit "like", it will mean so very much.

Thank you.

I now leave you with this addicting little ditty.....

I was offered nothing in return for this review. I simply wanted to do what I could to help.

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