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Monday, May 16, 2011

Love From my Aunt Sheri

My Aunt Sheri lives far far away. She has lived allllllllllllll over the world. Literally. But she manages to keep in close contact with all of us and I love her dearly for it.

I've often been told that I am like her...she rolls her eyes upwards and laughs as though this is a bad thing but really, it's one of the highest honors.

It also means usually that I've done something really funny (ie embarrassing) and thus everyone says "You are so like Aunt Sheri!"

But it's sweet things too. My aunt writes out notes and puts a stamp on them and sends them to the persons home so they can hold the note - I love that. I sometimes get frustrated because she doesn't do facebook, she doesn't email...but she does text now and that is good for me.

She also talks on the phone. And I am not a phone person. As in - not. at. all.

But I love her phone calls.

Currently, my parents are on vacation. A three week vacation. Seriously. They are actually fulfilling one of their life long dreams of traveling Route 66. I have twelve postcards here stamped from every state they have driven through.

Now, I am pretty sure that by now you all know I am a grown woman...very busy here with a family of my own.

But Aunt Sheri knows my heart. And so she calls me all the time. She knows that I miss my parents and she also knows that even grown up moms still need a mom around, a friend, someone who lets you know that you are loved. Because it's her and I and we seem to be "gifted" this way, I have missed nearly every one of her calls.

Today she called while I was giving all my boys their hugs goodbye in school. What message did she leave me? She sang. She has a lovely voice and I love her to hear her sing. The song she chose to leave on my voice mail?

"Cock a doodle doo! Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! It's time to rise and shine! Good Morning! Good Morning! Good Morning! I hope you're feeling fine! The sun is just above the hill another day for you to fill with all the things you love to do..."

I love my Aunt Sheri.

The last time she was here, she had these super cool sunglasses. I mean, they totally rocked. My Dad found them to be the most hideous things ever, he called them "Elvis glasses". I looooooooooved them. She assured me she would send me a pair.

Instead, she left her pair of sunglasses here for me.

I love these.

I have worn them nearly every day since she left them here. I have taken extra special care of them.

Because when I wear them, I feel like my Aunt Sheri is with me.

Like I just got one of her hugs. And she is laughing at something and calling me "dear".

This weekend they broke.

The sunglasses.

I am not sure how. But they just fell apart in my hands one morning on my way out of the school doors.

They are the only sunglasses I have ever teared up over.

NEVER ever EVER underestimate the smallest acts of kindness.
They warm the heart.
Even from 100's or thousands of miles away.
Love you, Aunt Sher.
Thanks for being you.
And being in my life.


fritzfacts said...

I love that you have an Aunt Sheri like that! Everyone needs one! So special.

Joseph said...

Yeah...your Aunt Sheri is a peach!

Joseph said...

Yeah, your Aunt Sheri is a peach!