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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Too Much Dukes

You all know by now, the boys love the Dukes of Hazzard.

A lot.

I love the show, I do. I love that the boys love it. But it has gone too far........

Yesterday I had to run down the store to buy some mashed potato ingredients and while in line, the woman in front of us grabbed a bottle of clear alcohol and added it to her groceries.

S4 was with me. He tapped my hand and I leaned down for him to whisper - not quietly - "Moma, can you buy moonshine here?"

Someone asked me how the boys even knew what moonshine was. Enter - the Dukes of Hazzard (and their other favorite the Beverly Hillbilies...I think they still call pools "cement ponds" at times).

Later that same day, we got to watch Junior - my nephew, whom the boys all love and most of you know if you've read the blog for any great amount of time - and S4 asked me "Is he really our cousin?"

"Uh, yes, you know that," I replied.

"Well, are you SURE he is our cousin because he doesn't live with us and in the Dukes Bo and Luke live with Uncle Jesse so cousins live together, right?"


Because I had to explain that one all out for him.

But the very very very last straw was this morning, on our way to school, the boys were again discussing the Dukes and how they would love to go to Cooter's Place because a teacher at school DID go and seen the REAL General Lee and that got them wondering.

How old is Daisy Duke now?

S1, seriously, told the boys she was Moma's age.

I stopped mid sip of coffee. "You think Daisy in real life is my age NOW?" I asked.

"Sure," S1 said, "Daddy said that show is about 30 years old and so I think that means that Daisy is about your age right now."

Yup, no more Dukes for awhile, I think.

Especially before they begin to try to get in and out of the suburban windows instead of using the doors - which would be tricky, the windows only go down half way.

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1 comment:

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Have I showed you the picture of Steve dressed as Cooter yet? I was Bo -or Luke - I can never remember who. Steve was Cooter, and we had other friends who were Uncle Jesse, Daisy, the Sheriff (what was his name?)... we all made cardboard cars... Your boys would have loved it ;)