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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why I LOVE Tide Detergent

When I do laundry, this is what I use.
All the time. My thought is that if I am going to do laundry I want it done. I don't want to rewash.

Before I used this detergent, I used the coldwater version and it ALWAYS got my clothes clean. Yes, in bitter cold water.

But when we upgraded our water heater I thought I would try this because - um, you do recall I have four boys, right? - and all those boys and my construction working farmer hubby (which just means SUPER HARD WORKING), I thought I would try this.

I love it. Gets the dirt AND the stink out.

Which is good, I have lots of laundry to do!
See the pile? To the ceiling? It's asparagus season here and that means that my time is limited. You can't do it all and on this evening as I was bundling asparagus I looked at my literal mountain of laundry to fold and had to take this picture.

This is my life people.

Love it, but it's a little insanely busy right now. (thus the less blog posts of late)

After the whole Swamp Blog Post, I tweeted to Tide that I should be their new spokesperson. I really can't believe I actually tweeted that but I did, and whaddaya know, Tide answered back.

In a big way.

They sent me TWO huge bottles of Detergent, TWO huge bottles of stain release, and coupons for napkins and kleenex (THANK YOU!!!!!!).

I have been super impressed with the stain release. Not that I didn't think Tide did a great job already, but......when S1 went to swap meet and wore the same clothes for the entire weekend (even slept in them) and arrived home literally filthy dirty and stinky from head to toe, I knew the stain release had it's work cut out for it.

You could not even see that the clothes had been that dirty.

Not even a bit.

And the boy had torn apart and put together a garden tractor while he was gone. We are talking dirt, grease, grim, mud, food, gas and ICK all over him.

Tide does great giveaways on facebook too. Check it out, one of the stain release give aways ends TODAY.

But that's not the only reason I love Tide.

Tide sent down Tide Loads of Hope to Alabama and washed thousands of clothes for all the tornado victims. That touched my heart deeply.

So, if you are looking for a great detergent, BUY TIDE. If you are looking for a great company, look at Tide.

And if you want to help me fold my super clean clothes, I always take volunteers.

for all my detergent. It meant soooo much to me!
It got my boys muddy clothes clean.
I wasn't paid to write this.
I wanted to write this to share it with all of you.


Anonymous said...

I have only used Tide since I was pregnant with Boo, and it is the only thing besides the SUPER expensive allergy detergents that I can use with her. I love it. It got hot chocolate out of her white Twin's jersey...never thought that would happen!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

That is SO awesome!!

I had no idea Tide made detergent with febreeze! I'm buying that this weekend for my workout clothes!!