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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Contact the Press - We Were ON TIME to School!!!!

This is the last week of school. All year long it's always a struggle to get everyone in the suburban and leaving the driveway on time (note - I did not say OUTSIDE, I said IN THE SUBURBAN. Big big big difference.) But the last week of school? Insanely tough.

It's like you wake up and you just don't care.

I don't harp on the boys to get going. If we aren't ready on time, we aren't ready. I know I should care but we just don't seem to.

I have a couple friends and we judge how we are doing getting our kids to school according to who has arrived at school at what time. It's a fun game. Kor and I have really been going at it lately. I have been know to call her cell phone from the parking lot to just sing the song.

The song? Oh, it's a classic!!!!

"We beat you! We beat you! We really really beat you!" And you must wiggle your butt and sing it in that annoying voice of "hahahahaha!"

It's a blast.

Yesterday I was a full five minutes late from when school STARTED dropping the boys off.

It's a good thing S2 was at 3rd grade camp that day because he HATES to be late and he is our human alarm clock. Literally.

Last night the outdoor wood stove that heats our houses in the winter and heats our water all year long, ran out of wood and went cold.

So....the boys were THRILLED to hear they could not bathe last night. They were much less enthusiastic that they would have to get up early to shower.

It was rainy and cold this morning. It was dark and dreary and Moma was gulping coffee and shuffling through the house looking for clean towels (do we have any?) and clean underware (oh please oh please let there be some!) for the boys. It was not looking promising to make it to school anywhere near on time.

We piled into the suburban and looked at the clock.

We were early.

S2 cheered. He literally lifted his arms and cheered. He told us all what a great job we had done. He beamed.

After we had already dropped S3 off to class, we were walking down the hallway and noticed Kor just pulling into the driveway. S2 looked at me with the question he didn't have to even ask. I just nodded and opened the door....S2 and S4 ran as fast as they could and sang the song loud and proud as they shook their little butts and giggled running back.

Who says adults can't have fun?

As I was leaving school (important to note I was leaving at the time we normally ARRIVE), the school helper who keeps the door open realized we were leaving. "Wow!" she said, "I usually know as soon as you make it through I need to close the doors! It's how I judge what time it is. I mean that in a nice way..." she finished. I know her, I know what she meant. :)

S4 and I walked out of the school hand in hand as Alicia ran in with her two boys. S4 loooooooves "Aunt Alicia" and was all too happy to sing the song to her. She laughed a bit as she shuffled the boys on into school "We must be REALLY late if YOU are leaving" she remarked.

I reminded her how late I was yesterday.

I didn't need to mention how late we have been most the year.

Ah, fun times at school this morning! :)

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Rosemary Andrews said...

I heard the ruckus at Korene's car when I was dropping off girls this morning!