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Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Asparagus Season Again

Yup, it's that time of year again.

Over here in the mitten state it suddenly got up in the mid eighties. And I loooooove the warm weather after all this snow and ick we've had...

But it also means the asparagus grows like crazy.

And since my husband and has been working funky hours and my boys are in school that means me...and the dogs (who are of no help whatsoever) and S4 on his days off can go pick asparagus.

But S4 was feeling hot so he brought out some stuffed animals he cannot be without and we loaded up on water, I settled him under a tree and I went to work.

Work means bending over and picking each and every spear. In the hot sun. And while everyone can agree, I believe, that I could use some sun kissing - picking asparagus is grueling work. Tonight, as I type this to you, even my fingertips hurt. My legs ache. My feet are throbbing. Asparagus - as much as we love the crop - is hard work.

And S4 didn't want any part of it.

He figured out, instead, how to use my camera. And, as my husband I figured out as we looked through the pictures, he is a very - uh...creative - photographer.

First he took a photo of me picking asparagus. Notice the dog still wearing her winter coat is out in the 85 degree day with me. The five year old boy is laying in the shade. And letting me know it's hot.
When I was gulping down some water, I took this photo. He was building cities in the dirt, I found out later, for Jingle Bells.
These are S4's constant companions. Jingle Bells, Straight Dog and Elkie. Or.....if they need first names...Nut, Hunt and Antler.
He figured we should know who was taking the photos I guess.
This one I loooooooove. He wanted to show that they both could stick out their tongues.
But this.....this cracked me up the most. There are about four pictures of Jingle flying in the air. And his brothers, even they agree this is the coolest most awesomest photo he took.
I'm gonna let him hijack my camera more often, I think.


Anonymous said...

S4 cracks me up. I love that he figured out the camera to take these, they made my day.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I am ashamed to admit that I had no idea how asparagus grows!!! I am amazed. Can you take more pictures when you have lots of it to pick?

And I love the pictures. The camera is awesome... better than a babysitter!

beth said...

Been "stalking" tee-hee (yes I think I'm clever) you and Jason and the boys! My youngest daughter used to hi-jack my camera all the time. We always got some interesting shots too. Its much cheaper in the digital age, I was never very happy to get a roll of film back and to see it was full of pictures of her favorite TV show!

beth said...

I have been "stalking" tee-hee you and Jason and the boys! My youngest daughter used to hijack my camera all the time. Be glad everything is digital now.... It used to stink to pay for film developing only to find out she had taken an entire roll of pictures of her favorite tv show and her watching her favorite tv show!

Alysa said...

How cute! I am reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and just read all about asparagus. It's fun to see pictures of it growing. Love the pics!

Ado said...

Stopping in from Twitter. . .
Oh my goodness, I'm so glad I found your blog! Love the photo of Jingle flying thru the air! Ha! I am not so sure it sounds like you have a "hobby" farm w. all the picking of spears you have been doing - that to me sounds like a "real" farm. (-: I will think of you next time we eat asparagus which is actually our favorite. (-: