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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fox 17 Morning News Morning Mom Contest

One year ago today, what were you doing?

Because I remember exactly what I was doing.

All of us were GLUED to the tv, I was texting Sue every couple minutes and we were waiting....waiting...waiting for the announcement......

That we had just won the Morning Mom contest for our local news station, Fox 17.

Of all the videos, they chose ours....our very first youtube ever made.

And then began an unbelievably awesome month, and unbelievably fun summer, and some precious - oh so precious - friendships.

I will forever be thankful for this time.

You can watch our clips from Fox 17 Morning Mom.
Just click the button on the right that says "Morning Mom".

Hubs pointed out and I realized he was correct....
Today is actually the day we made our first LIVE interview!
I had written this awhile ago...and got the dates wrong.
So...after our first interview, they sent us off to Bay Pointe for brunch
for Mother's Day. It was incredibly yummy. And now I want strawberry shortcake.

The best thing about Morning Mom?
Other than the friendships?
The mac computer?
The flip cam?
(that the boys used to tape that first interview as they watched themselves on tv
so Jake could see it when he got home from work)
It made everyday things I do all the time
(laundry, dinner, school runs, asparagus)
way more fun.
I think I did not quit smiling this whole season.