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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Your Last Day on Earth

A looooong time ago, there was this great local radio show, The Rick and Scott Show. Hubs and listened to it each and every day. Nine o' clock every morning, my radio at home was on and his radio in the truck was on and often times we would call each other and say, "Did you just hear that?"

I miss that show so very much.

Anyhow, one morning the topic was "What if This Was Your Last Day on Earth?"

Immediately I began thinking of the my boys and my family and how I would want to make sure they all knew I loved them. I would spend the day just being with them. And I could think of great things to do and share with my husband too. In fact, the more I thought it the more emotional I became, I began to internalize it and think how we should live more as though it really could be our last day on earth.

Sometimes I am over dramatic like that.

As normally would happen, my husband, the love of my life, the man I am so thankful I married and would want nothing more than to be in his arms on the very last day of my life called me.

"You listening to Rick and Scott?" he asked.

"Yes," I squeaked, certain he would begin to tell me how much he loves me.

"Man, I know what I would do if it were my very last day on earth. I'd be getting me the biggest piece of prime rib I could find. I mean, the very finest piece you could get because who cares how much it costs? It's our last day on earth!" I heard him smack his lips. Yes, literally smack his lips. "Mmmmmm, my mouth is just watering thinking about it!"

I was shocked silent.

I may have even seethed a bit.

"Well, and you, Baby. I mean, I would want to spend time with you. I mean, I'd even share some prime rib with you because I love you, Baby."

I wrote an email to Rick and Scott telling them this conversation. They thought it funny enough to read on the air.

All this wacky mumbo jumbo apocalypse stuff had me thinking about it all and I got a good laugh remembering that conversation so I wanted to share it all with you.

And I'll be back later with more great stories of my ever so romantic husband - and the rest of us.

1 comment:

The Farmer's Wife said...

I fail to see the problem, here. Who WOULDN'T want a big honkin' juicy steak?!