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Friday, September 2, 2011

Camping with my Niece and Nephews

This 8 day camping trip we started out with Baby Backup (who, as you can see is not such a baby anymore) and Jr.  And my new nephew, Baby B

 Since Oma/G'ama was busy and Momma's needed a break, I got to spend a lot of time being the ultra cool An' Niese.  It's a great job to have.  You let them into your cool camper that has cupboards with food in them and a TV. An' Niese rocked.  Especially when I feed them as many cheese balls as they could shove in their mouth while filling teeny tiny cups of water for them.  It also helps if you are a girl and your An' Niese remembered to pack the glittery blue nail polish for you.
 But this cracked me up, my niece felt I may need a baby doll in my bed.  People, I haven't had a baby doll in my bed since I was a little girl.
 My niece, Backup, used to not like me....or anyone all.  But that's changed. This weekend with them I had all kinds of fun with my Jr and spending time with Backup and B.  I don't get to see them often, as in, I can go months and not see them so to spend so much time with them was a real gift.

As well as a regular trip to get an excedrin.

But with little ones you get special gifts, like getting to braid Backup's hair.  And giving B a style.
Backup and Jr were a hoot to watch.  And they would do crazy things all the time.  Like when Backup decided that to properly sit in a chair you must lay on the ground.
 And Jr thought that made perfect sense.
They only stayed a few of the eight days but I am thankful for those few days so much.

And I think that this video will be one we will talk about for as long as we camp.
(And we'll try not to mention how big MY baby is compared to these little tykes.)


Cindy Bultema said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Hope it wasn't too hot for you all. Thanks for sharing!
Sweet blessings,
Cindy :)

The Farmer's Wife said...

I love dirty face-ed little campers!

fritzfacts said...

So fun!! I am glad you all got this last trip in, and that you got to spend some much needed time with your Niece!!