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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Music Videos According to S4

The first couple of times I heard this song, I only heard the ending.

And it drove me crazy.

Remind me WHAT?

And then I'd try to remember if I was supposed to remember something and it grated my nerves.

But then my husband told me it's really a great song.  Then Morg told me I'd love it too.

And they both told me in the same conversation.

So I pulled it up on youtube (before the video was out) and agreed, it really is a good song.

Because I love Carrie's music and because I wish I had her wardrobe (moment to dream and sigh.....), I couldn't wait until the video came out.  I was hoping it would be classy.

The first time I seen it was on CMT, S4 was standing with me watching too.  He knew it was a favorite song of mine due to the way I cranked the radio when it came on.....

And, being S4, he had to have a commentary for it.

Like, "That is a big beach."

"Hey, where is the water at that beach?"

"It sure is windy there."

"What they should have done is brought a kite.  A kite would be good there!"

"Her dress sure blows around a lot.  Good thing you aren't wearing a dress there, huh, Moma?'

"This is crazy, why are they still walking?"

"I still can't see the lake at this beach."

"They really REALLY should have brought a kite."

Hopefully you can be giggling now too.


Sheila said...

Oh my goodness. I am giggling.

Ronel said...

I seriously thought my son was the only kid who had a thought for everything.... sometimes I need to ask him to be quiet for a moment just so I can think clearly :P

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I actually thought about the kite thing the first time I saw the video? No? Okay good...

I love that song, love Brad Paisely (see blog from Monday) and Carrie Underwood. Both so wonderful.