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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Catching Raccoons...Boy Style

After a night that shook the camper and lit the sky with brilliant lightening that kept me up a great deal of the night, I suggested the boys ALL sleep in the camper.

Usually the older two boys, for sure, and sometimes ALL four boys sleep in the tent.  They weren't so sure the camper would be as fun, sharing it with Moma and all, until the raccoon came out.

And then began their brilliant plan.

They laid out the HUGE marshmallows no one really liked to eat anyhow in a long trail leading toward the camper window.
 They made sure to document every move, as you can see by the pictures.  S4 kept them on task.
 And then they all just sat around and waited.
 But honestly, they didn't have to wait hardly any time at all.

Here's a picture of a raccoon.  Can't you tell?
I swear, those raccoons were just out there waiting for them to shut the door and get in place and then they all came out to the great sweet feast.  At one point there were three raccoons out there at the same time.

If you really want to sorta see a raccoon (let's face it, sitting in a lighted camper trying to get video and pictures isn't going to work well.  But HERE is a ten second video of one raccoon.

But while I have tried to explain the whole "catch a raccoon in the act" thing, S4 really does it best.

Without further ado....

Some of you may be now wondering, what did they do when the actually seen a raccoon?

They called hello to it.


The boys would quick run out of the camper and the raccoons would quickly scamper off and I would holler that if they wanted me to be nice to them they all better STAY INSIDE THE CAMPER and on and on it would go.

Honestly, it was a blast.

Probably one of everyone's favorite memories of this camping trip.

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Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I was cracking up at "he's wearing MY underpants..." Adorable. My boys would have wanted to keep it.