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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Two If By Tea

My husband hijacked my blog.

He told me he was going to. I told him it would be fun!

And last night he sat down with a legal yellow notepad and went to work, writing.
People, he never writes unless forced.

I didn't read it, he just laid it by my computer and told me it'd need editing.
But here it is, in his own words...

I - Jason Dykstra (Denise's husband) - decided to hijack her blog today and sing her praises and thank her.

(I think I'll let him hijack my blog all the time.  This is sounding great!)

She is amazingly attentive to the needs and wants of me and others and herself.

I drive gravel truck and have for about eleven years.  Being in a truck all day has caused me to listen to the AM/FM a lot.  Being a staunch right thinking conservative, I love listening to Rush Limbaugh.

Around the middle of June or so Rush offered a new Iced Tea called Two If By Tea.  It's a play on Paul Revere's two if by tea and a nod to the Tea Party.  And, I think Rush just plain loves tea.

One day I came home and was telling Denise abut Rush's new business venture and on the third of July my sweet wife had a case of Raspberry Two if By Tea chilling in the fridge for me.

I saved them for the next month or so.  It's mail order only so it's not like you can just run out and pick it up. 

It was getting close to Labor Day and Rush had a special offer.  Ten winers would win a years supply of tea if they ordered before Labor Day.  I told Denise about this and mentioned that Rush was also giving away a Select Comfort Sleep Number bed.

We had checked out a Sleep Number bed on her birthday in August when we visited the mall.  It made a pretty big impression on us.

But unknown to me, my sweet little wife already had ordered another case of Raspberry tea for me and it showed up Saturday before Labor day.

That is one of the many reasons I love her always taking care of me subtle hints and thinking about everybody but herself.  

Try Two if by Tea, it is the best. 

And listen to Rush.

Your taste buds will be aroused by the tea and you will be much more informed from Rush.

Now I'll give the blog back to my lovely bride.

Thanks for reading.
Jake writing out the second page of this post, late at night, after working and doing field work too.

I had no idea what he'd say, I typed it out as I read it for the first time.
All I changed were a few grammar mistakes and misspellings.

And I just may have had to tear up a bit.  This is the ultimate in sweetness.  
I am so keeping these yellow sheets!
I love you, hubby!!!!


Karen said...

Wow. Now not only am I completely impressed by your husband, I'm also thirsty for tea! How awesome is it that he took the time to write that out!? (I love that picture of him working on his writing with the yellow legal notepad).

Well, I don't know if you two entered the contest for the Sleep Number bed, but I hope you guys win it! You both deserve it.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Awh, Jake :) You're so sweet.

And I hear you're going to surprise Denise soon with a trip to AZ?! Wow!!! You're amazing (you are welcome to come, too!)!!!

Anonymous said...

And then MN right Jake??

Such a wonderful Hubby you have there my dear! Just the most wonderful words I have read in a while.

gen2revztruth said...

'Now I'll give the blog back to my lovely bride.'...
Are you kidding me?!?!
There aren't enough W's to make the right 'AWWWWW!!!!!!' sound!
You two are so cute!!
Can you send him over to give my Hubby a few tips on sweet talk? :P