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Friday, September 2, 2011

Why I LOVE Our School

After my soap box yesterday, I figured I should really write a few things I LOVE about our little school.

And it was a great excuse to get out of the nearly 90 heat that I was picking tomatoes in.

(Thank you!)

I love our little itty bitty school.  My boys get to have lunch together, they have recess together, they pass each other in the halls, they have reading buddies in classes.  The older kids are so used to the little kids that they all sort of treat each other like their own sibling...well, you know, the good manners kind.

At such a small school (the elementary, middle school and high school are all in the same building) I feel that we truly are a close knit community.  I hear a lot of people throw that term around, but here in our little town it's really truly a close knit community.  I see this even more working at the library.  Us moms, we have each others back and I would be lost without them, they are precious to me and I hope they know how much the circle of friends I have in the school mean to me.

Some of the teachers we have are top notch.  As in, I'll love them forever and forever because they teach for the love of teaching.  You know the ones I am talking about, they are the teachers you remember fondly all your life.  Our school has them.  I am blessed to have a few of those teachers this year.

Our principal is devoted to her "kids" at our school.  I feel my boys are being fought for to get the best learning environment because of her.  And, honestly, if she said "Hey, can I take your kids for the weekend so you and your hubby can go out?" I'd hand them over.  Those who know me know I don't do that much....but that's how highly I think of our principal.  (No, K, I'm not asking you to be a babysitter!)

But here is the other thing I love about school.

I love seeing the boys personalities come out away from their brothers.

The best fun I  have is when I have to stop into the school for something or another and can "spy" into a boys classroom and see them for an instant in an environment other than home.

As much as it breaks my heart when someone is mean to the boys, it's a great learning experience.  "This is how it may be in the real world, and this is how you deal with it and work it out...."

My older boys have some truly great friends, they are boys I love to have at our house and feed them all sorts of foods and watch them play or hear them talk...about farming and engines and football and go carts and chores and brothers and school and country music...

So while I despise seeing my boys go off to school, this school I am so blessed to have our boys attend, is one huge reason why I can give them hugs outside the door and let them go explore the world a bit.

This Moma has a hard time watching her little boys grow up.  Because I love them so's my heart that I leave behind when I leave them there at school...and I am thankful to have a school that understands that and does their best for the boys - and all the kids - because they "get" it.

And that is why I love our school.

But now I feel like not talking about school for a long time.....camping posts to follow soon!

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fritzfacts said...

You have the best school!! I love that so many different ages are together, I wish we had that here!!

Just remember the good things tomorrow when you drop them off!!!