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Saturday, September 10, 2011

We Have a Football Player in the House

S2 has signed up for football.

I am now a football mom.

On his first day of practice, he couldn't stop pacing he was so excited.
He had to eat a good meal...
A good meal to him is toaster waffles.

You can see him here at his first practice, tossing the ball around.  You can note his green shirt and tall maroon socks.
I thought he did a great job throwing this ball....but that may be a moma brag.
Notice how he is "sorta" looking at me.  He would only give me a half a wave, just barely moving his hand a little.  I, however, waved all out enthusiastically at him.  I'm THAT mom, apparently.
Don't they all look so little?  This was the very first day of the very first practice.  They have since moved on to full pads for practice, but I love their look here, all helmets and chewed mouth guards.
You can't tell unless you know, but here is S2 in his green shirt, next to his best friend, in his green shirt.  And they didn't even plan it.  JC lived right down the road from us and the two boys love that they get to play football together.
As a girl, I happen to know NOTHING about football.  Not. A. Thing.  Except what I learned from movies like Remember the Titans, Facing the Giants and the such.  But I did know I wouldn't enjoy watching boys pile up on my son.

I mean, how do you go from protecting them from all harm to slapping the side of the helmet and saying "Hey! Go get beat up!"

So, I told my little nine year old "Here's the deal.  You can play football if you run so fast that no one can catch you."

We'll see how that works...TODAY is his FIRST GAME

I'll be the crazy cheering mom, you won't be able to miss me. 


The Farmer's Wife said...

So this might make you feel...well, comforted, shall we say...

When my brother played football, Mom was just like you. And he played the position of quarterback, which is just another way of saying he had a big glowing bulls-eye on his chest, you know? Anyway, my brother remembers one game when he was getting ready to pass the ball and (apparently was in the line of some big mean 11th grade pass rusher) heard Mom's voice, "Don't hit my baby!".

Please....for the love of all things manly....don't yell THAT. Don't even allow it to cross your mind or it WILL come out your mouth at some point.

I'm not sure my brother ever recovered from that. I know it's a story that has been forbidden to be told around the Thanksgiving table....

S2 will be GREAT!!!
Keep us posted!!!

Chelsea said...

Ah man, what fun! It cracks me up that you are THAT mom. I'm THAT mom too!