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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Food We Love While Camping

My mom and I plan our meals out to great detail when camping.

We eat brats and hotdogs every single night.

Because neither my mom or I feel like cooking on vacation.

But we know it takes more than meat in a bun to survive camping.  We need GOOD food, special drinks and the such.

Like coffee.

We do not go camping unprepared to face whatever a camping trip sends our way uncaffeinated. In fact, we could be heavily caffeinated at a mix of water and ice and caramel flavoring and half and half in mere moments. It was grown up bliss.

And if you are going to eat breakfast outside every morning, you might as well make is having blueberry pie.

I ate blueberry pie nearly every single morning we were camping.  I figured it counted as fruit.

We also had our fair share of s'mores.

 Notice the cool marshmallows? Oh, yah, those are the Jet Puffed Square Marshmallows.  And let me tell you, as fluffy pillow like as they look, they make a darn good s'more.  I could pile lots of extra marshmallows on my s'more and that made me ever so happy.  All of us agreed these were a genius idea for s'mores!

And I don't mess around with s'mores.  They HAVE to have a yummy peanut butter cup in the middle.


Now I am soooooo hungry for a s'more.  Sigh.

It worked well that the boys loved keeping the fire going for us at all times.  S3 was ever so diligent about the fire.

 His theory? If you use up the whole box of matches just attempting to get a fire started, we can always just get a new box of matches.  This seemed to work well for him all week.

And late at night when I realized my hot dog dinner needed something more, I could just grab another piece of pie.  It was really yummy pie.  I'm glad I brought two.
 Apparently the raccoons thought that our food was top notch because they loved to visit us for leftovers every single night.
 Apparently they like fruit too.
 But they were sweet enough to leave us a nice thank you note after helping themselves to all our food.
 Can you see it?  There are little prints all over the tale and watermelon.
And, may I's my blog so I guess I can...those flowers are from OUR GARDEN and they looked this good after being outside, in the sunshine and rain storms for EIGHT days!  That's right, this picture was taken on the last day of camping.

Later we'll talk about what the boys did about the raccoons.  You don't want to miss that.


The Farmer's Wife said...


You all have a crazy obsession with all things marshmallow; I'm never sure what will be next. :)

fritzfacts said...

That pie looks REALLY good right now...

Raccoons drive me nuts...they ate all our corn from teh garden! Ugh!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Hilarious. The entire thing.

I looked in our Sam's and we do NOT have iced via, which makes me sadder than sad.

And I LOVE your new coffee cup :)

And the marshmallows? We are looking for them now.