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Monday, September 19, 2011

S2's First Football Game

Well, we are now officially football parents.

We arrived at the game over half an hour EARLY, S2 was so worried we would be late.

I got to watch some of my friends boys play football, I worked in the concession stand (I may have cheered loudly a few times as the touchdown was right out my window), and when it came time to watch the game, I settled into the bleachers.

I'm not sure who was more excited and worried.

I'd guess S2.....

It was close though.

But Daddy ended up on the field to cheer - seriously.

And I may have jumped up and down and cheered so much I shocked even myself.

I think we have caught the football bug.

Here he is with his best football buddy....they just assume they must be in all photos together. I love that.  I am so thankful they have each other.

 Woohoo!!!! About to walk on the BIG FIELD for the FIRST TIME!
 Last minute instructions......
 Action on the field.....I have to tell you right now, I am a terrible picture taker because I am so afraid to take my eyes off my little football player that I can hardly get any shot at all.
 Good game, good game, good game.....
 They made it through the line before they began celebrating insanely.
 Exhausted, but MUCH brighter smile that he had his first game!
 Daddy, who was working, made it just in time to see the game.
And what a game it was! They won 25 to Zero.  That is a pretty good confidence booster after a tough and awful scrimmage a few days prior.

But it was kinda tough to drive away, all happy, and follow all the cars home and realize some of the players we won against live on the same road as us.  Because while I am totally ecstatic over a win for him, I know that we could easily be the ones loosing.

And whenever a player lays on the field and cries, my heart stops.  That could be my little boy out there.

It's an emotionally draining day, football days.

But honestly, SUCH a blast.

Here's a video of an amazing touchdown that S2 ran....but it didn't count, there was an illegal tackle or something like that (still reading to learn about football).

It's an awful video but in it you'll get just how excited my husband gets during the game.  The good part start about three minutes in.


Anonymous said...

"Wait there's a flag"


Oh the support of his brothers!

Your hubby made my day! I love how excited he gets for every yard Issac gets!

That was fantastic, flag or not!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

LOVE it!!! And he'll lose a few, too. That's ok :)